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Jan 24, 2016
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Staff Sergeant
I bought my buddy a blowup doll for christmas because his girlfriend of 3 years had left him for another female, so she had essentially left him for another women. I felt rather bad and my buddy wasn't the best of the best looking and I knew he probably wouldn't get laid so I decided I'd be an ass and I bought him one while I was in the mall. I went back to his place the weekend after to have a few drinks with the friends and guess what I found blown up inside the mans closet:highly_amused:


Apr 13, 2016
I got a dildo one time from my grandparents, with a note that said "It's not too late to repent, Jesus loves you."

It's weird being a penis enthusiast in a Catholic family.


Mar 24, 2016
I got baby clothes. I'm single and have no kids. Mom be hinting.


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Jun 16, 2015
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Sergeant Major

Of the Army
When I was living in college residence, my roommate was kinda weird but the extent of her weirdness didn't necessarily rear it's head so much until Christmas. I went out and got her these adorable little finger puppets and a hand water colour painted christmas card and she also handed me this beautifully wrapped gift. Inside was one of those $0.50 Harlequin romance paperbacks you get at the flee market that was sewed shut on each side so that you could only open it in half. Inside the book, she had cut out the pages in the centre so that the book itself was a sort of makeshift box which she had placed laundry lint. No word of a lie. She was insane. That week she dropped out of school, gave her boyfriend of 2 weeks a gift similar to mine with a note that told him she was moving out of the province and they were breaking up. She dated 11 guys in the period of the 3 months I lived with her...


Dec 26, 2015
Sexy bras from mom :/


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Apr 24, 2016
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Got my friend a potato with a toonie stuck in it this year. He gave me some convenience store beef jerky and a colouring book and crayons back.
We try to get each other other odd things for birthdays and holidays every year I enjoy them more than regular gifts because its always a good laugh.
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