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Feb 25, 2016
Fresno, California, USA
Hello Fever Members,

Today i wanted to bring to you a duelists guide to playing fire mage in the Legion pre-patch (7.0.3).

NOTE: This Build only works at 100, because it uses the HFC tier set, as well as the class trinket from Archimonde.

PART 1 Talents

Screenshot (4).jpg

15 - Firestarter: Guaranteed Critical strike on first fireball to proc heating up.
30 - Cold Snap: 2 charges of ice block helps fend off burst rotation
45 - Incanter's Flow: Constantly moving around makes this a must have.
60 - Flame On: Grants 2 charges of Fire Blast (See Below for use)
75 - Ice Floes: Allows moving while casting. 3 Charges. (See Below for use)
90 - Flame Patch: Leaves a lingering aoe effect from Flamestrike. (See Below for use)
100 - Meteor: Aoe damage leaving lingering damage.

PART 2 Stat Stacking


I recommend a Crit Chance of 40% at least, for this will boost your mastery to about 35% which is optimal for damage.

Mastery for Fire Mages has a much lower scale rate than most other classes, so don't be surprised when 3000 mastery rating gives you 30%

PART 3 Mandatory Items

You'll need 5 items to make this work, and the more crit chance you have the better.

4 Piece HFC Tier Set


This gives the extra hit from pyroblasts, as well as 6% haste and 6% damage.

Archimonde Class Trinket


Fire Blasts now have a chance to trigger Flamestrike (pairs with flame patch talent from Part 1)

Part 4 Rotation

Opening a duel

Simply Blink to the target and Dragon's Breath. This opens them up to any attack.

Follow up

Cast Ice Floes twice, along with a fireball. Begin running away to a safer location to begin casting. As the first fireball goes off, it will be a guaranteed critical, granting a charge of heating up. Throw out another fireball and as that fireball is being casted, use Combustion. This procs Heated Up and will now further your burst rotation.

Bursting Rotation

After procing Heated Up and Combustion, the following rotation is a guaranteed near death experience.

Pyroblast > Fire Blast > Pyroblast > Fire Blast > Pyroblast > Flame On > Fire Blast > Pyroblast > Fire Blast* > Pyroblast*

*around this time combustion should be ending, but Fire Blast is a guaranteed critical so procing that last Pyroblast shouldn't fail.

NOTE: Do not use Fire Blast too early, if you proc more heating up charges before casting your instant pyroblast, it will override and you will lose a ton of damage.

Saving Yourself

Similar to the opener, you can cast Frost Nova into a blink away from the target, (add an Arcane Torrent if you play a Blood Elf)
And don't forget to cast Ice Block if the opponent reaches you and begins their burst, this will negate all their burst damage and ensure living.

This Build works extremely well against Arms warriors, monks, and Retribution Paladins, as they do not have optimal self healing.

If you have any questions, or need a demonstration, please reply below, or message me in some way and i will be more than happy to explain.

COMING SOON: As Legion approaches, a few of us in the WoW community have pondered a possible Game Night being added to WoW. If you have an idea on what this could be, please message me and i will take your idea into account.

Hopefully this helps you mages out there, and I'll be back soon with a new post.


Feb 11, 2015
Thanks for the really in-depth guide, [MENTION=64225]Chaka[/MENTION]. I went ahead and moved this over to the WoW Class Discussion section.
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