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Mar 23, 2019
User name: wicron698
Game(s) you play: Counter Strike Global Offensive
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Current In-Game Username(s): ✪wicron
Do you have a Mic and Discord: Yes
How did you find us?: Reddit
Have you been in FeverClan before?: No
Does anyone else use your computer?: No
Skills or Traits you want to share: Funny, Competitive, Motivating
Why should we allow you into our Mature Community?: I can bring a lot to the table. I like to lighten the mood and make everyone feel comfortable. I have +1000 hours in the game and I know when to be serious and when to have fun.
Have you read the rules?: Yes


Vice Commander
Dec 17, 2016
Decatur, AL
Clan Rank
Vice Commander
Vice Commander
Thank you for applying to FeverClan. We are an 18+ community and are not able to accept your application at this time. While we can make exceptions, we would really need to see if you'd be a good fit for us or have another well known member of FeverClan vouch for you. Please feel free to hang out with us in our Discord as a guest and game with us; if things seem to be working out, please reapply.

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