Which skin do you think looks best for any hero? (1 Viewer)


Jul 15, 2017
Everyone has their favourite skins for every hero so i'd like to hear yours. my 3 favourites are nihon for genji, winged victory for mercy and jazzy for lucio.


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Aug 18, 2017
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I love the scarecrow one for Junkrat.


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Jun 24, 2012
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This is a tough one to select just a few for, but I'll narrow it down to my top three:

1. Winged Victory Mercy (surprise surprise lol)
2. Graffiti Tracer
3. Cricket Junkrat


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Nov 6, 2015
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The skins I like the following:
Ana - Shrike
Doomfist - Painted
Genji - Blackwatch
Hanzo - Cyberninja
Junkrat - Dr. Junkenstein
Lucio - Jazzy
McCree - Blackwatch
McCree - Lifeguard
Mercy - Witch
Mercy - Winged Victory
Reaper - Blackwatch Reyes
Reaper - Shiver
Reaper - Pumpkin
Reinhardt - Blackhardt
Roadhog - Junkenstein's Monster
Soldier: 76 - Cyborg: 76
Soldier: 76 - Grillmaster: 76
Symmetra - Vishkar
Torbjorn - Santaclad
Tracer - Rose
Widowmaker - Talon
Winston - Yeti
Zenyatta - Nutcracker


Sep 21, 2017
Best skins are the Young/Captain Ana skins.


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Mar 15, 2014
New Hampshire
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Nevermore Reaper
Scarecrow Junkrat
Shrike Ana
Blackheart Rein


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Sep 4, 2017
The Shire
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I love the Cruser D.va! I may do it for Halloween since it's pretty simple.


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Sep 29, 2017
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Jazzy Lucio , Huntress Widowmaker and Slipstream Tracer


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Dec 26, 2011
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Ana - Shrike
Bastion - Dune buggy
D.VA - Officer
Doomfist - Leopard
Genji - Sentai
Hanzo - Cyberninja
Junkrat - Hayseed
Lucio - Jazzy
Mccree - Riverboat
Mei - Abominable
Mercy - Witch
Orisa - Null sector
Pharah - Mechaqueen
Reaper - Classic
Reinhardt - Greifhardt
Roadhog - Bajie
Soldier: 76 - Daredevil: 76
Sombra - Tulum
Symmetra - Oasis
Torbjorn - Barbarossa
Tracer - Jingle
Widowmaker - Noire
Winston - Explorer
Zarya - Cyberian
Zenyatta - Sanzang
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