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May 27, 2018
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I listen to a lot of different things depending on mood.

At work I tend to zone out of the world and listen to Lofi Hip Hop/Chillhop, Jazzhop,Chillout

Studio Ghibli (Who doesn't stop when they see Totoro)

Other times it's the FireFly sound track.

Pentatonix acapella group.

For those that Love Lord of the Rings. The words of Tolkien put to music. Awesome, just awesome.

Clamavi De Profundis



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Jan 1, 2019
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Lance Corporal
please specify a artist/artists.
I like to listen to Rap, Country and Metal.
The specific type of artists I like to listen to are "NF, Tech n9ne , Lil wayn, Wiz Kalifa, Snow The Product, Speaker Knockers."
For country I love to listen to "Adel,Florida Georgia Line, Bantley Glbert, Carey Underwood."
Metal I love To listen to "Metallica, Staind , Motley Crew, Thy Art Is Murder".
I know I went on a little bit over kill but I thought it would be a good post for you guys to enjoy on and for every one to put input on :)
I listen to pretty much all kinds of music my favorites are hip-hop, rock and roll, and indie rock. For hip-hop I enjoy eminem, four owls, aesop rock, joyner lucas, kevin gates, and many more. As far as rock and roll goes, I like ra, led zeppelin, pink floyd, foreigners, eagles, fleetwood mac, steve miller band, and I could go on for days lol I love my music. Now for indie rock there is sylvan esso, rainbow kitten surpise, and the xx.


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Oct 2, 2018
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I listen to everything from Coldplay to NF and Tech n9ne, all the way to Infected Mushroom. My fiancee is from Israel and she introduced me to Infected Mushroom.

But I also listen to Pink Flyod, Red Hot Chili Peppers and even some Eagles, Styx. There's really no genre I don't listen to except Country/Bluegrass and the likes.


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May 3, 2012
Bend Oregon
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Honestly alot of it, I listen to everything from like old school country to new school screamo, I have no real chill when it comes to music, I just cant stand like mumble rapping its the god damn worst.


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Jan 23, 2019
RHCP, TOP, Coldplay, Gorillaz, A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller, Lana Del Rey

Just what I had in mind, my list is way bigger

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