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Apr 29, 2013
There is a lot of mystery in Sea of Thieves. What was this world like before we arrived on the scene to find treasure? What other adventures await us in the future? And more importantly: this strange message appeared on my screen, what does it mean?
[h=2]“The World is Changing” Message in Sea of Thieves[/h]

Sometimes when you’re playing Sea of Thieves, a cryptic message will appear on screen that reads:
The world is changing, new dangers there be​
Between boundless sky and treacherous sea​
On rolling waves with sails unfurled​
Ships come to plunder this new world​
This peculiar message has taken many pirates by surprise. It’s incredibly cryptic and doesn’t reveal much about what it actually means. It is also strikingly similar to riddles received from the Gold Hoarders voyages, though it’s not a riddle that will lead to a reward.
Whenever you see this message appear on screen it’s signalling the merging of two worlds. Because Sea of Thieves is a seamless world that must be populated by players, Rare has set it up so that you won’t ever be the only player on a server. What this all means is that whenever a server has too few players, the game searches for another server with a small quantity of players and brings the two together. Instead of using loading screens, Rare opted for a more mysterious approach that adheres to the theme of the game.
The official Sea of Thieves Twitter also, cryptically, confirmed this.
The riddle shows up when things are changing in the world. It won't affect your game and you can get back to your adventures immediately!
— Sea of Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) July 29, 2017
Though there’s not some great mystery or secret voyage surrounding the message that appears on your screen, at least you now know what it means. For more answers to your pirate-related questions, check out our Sea of Thieves Guide!


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