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Sep 22, 2012
this is a game i played last night before i went to bed against a platinum protoss who went for fast templars instead of colossus, and I'd like some opinions from higher level players than myself to help me improve a bit in pvt.

1v1 MisterTea vs Ezeth PvT - drop.sc

i'll give a go at what i thought i did wrong/right

first off, my 2 gasses after CC were very late making my second and third rax late too, need to refine this bo a bit more i think, and I also went factory before getting tech lab/stim on my rax which is usually always do.
my bunker was very late too, if he was paying attention his zealot/stalker could of done alot of damage to me, whats the correct time to bunker if you're going 1rax FE?

at around 8:20 i scan the North east base, thinking his stalker i killed at the tower came from that direction but it didn't so it was a waste scan, i should of just sent an scv =/

at 13:20 i attack and cancel his third, Not knowing there was a 4th right there and chase his army away, here i really should not of chased and jsut kited zealots picking off what i can and get ghosts out as i lost alot

15mins in and still no third for me, big mistake
16:30 i had a chance to EMP all his templar i dont know why i didnt my ghosts are extremely late and have no upgrades

at around 20:30 i scanned and saw no energy on the tempalrs and very few units i think i should of pushed up then instead of hitting his nexus and outright killed him

still no upgrades past 1-1 for me

so yeah Tons of macro mistakes that need to be worked on


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Jul 4, 2012
Being Plat in WoL and gold in HotS, I hesitate too be a know-it-all =P
I did however find a macro issue:

between ~7.38 and ~8.47 you made 0 SCVs, resulting in P being ahead 13 workers. BIG DEAL. You simply have to remember to constantly make workers.
I promise you'll notice a difference once this goes smoother, i.e. you'll get a lot of resources spare. That's a good sign!

Hope I helped out in any way!

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