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Apr 11, 2007
Atlanta, GA
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You might be asking... What happened to the forums, my rank, my coins, awards. They will be coming back! Don't worry! We've successfully been able to upgrade to another platform -- a modern platform -- Xenforo. We've ditched the vbulletin (it's still there) and moved to a new age. Let us know what you think so far and things you would like to see added.

  • Clan Ranks
  • Administrator permissions sorted
  • Usergroup permissions sorted
  • Moderator Permissions sorted
  • Emails are being sent via the forums again
  • Sidebar no long lists Clan Officers as "Staff"
  • Removed the need to have people specifically listed as "Staff" to be displayed on the widget. It is controlled via being added to the Clan Officers usergroup
  • Fixed broken links to old application location
  • Permissions for more Administrators
  • Permissions have been reset / corrected for all usergroups and forums
  • Updated the Terms of Service
  • Spam messages are now hard deleted when removing as spam
  • Removed Max post character size and Media limits
  • Brought back post anchors
  • Posts that contain BB Code based tables
  • Donations Page
  • Imported all historical donation information from Dec 2009 and newer
  • Improved search features that give the same ability as the old forums
  • Ranks and Images
  • Clan wide Calendar based off posts and threads
  • Application form
  • Auto-reply for applications are now sent via the conversations systems directly to the applicant

New Additions:

  • Added new registration methods for Battle.net, Discord, Google, and Twitch accounts
  • New Improved / Easier embedding for videos and images; IE you only need the URL of most media webpages to embed videos and pictures now.
  • New backend caching -- Zend based
  • Added a bot that posts our forum posts, threads, and profile activity to discord
  • SSL Certificate applied Website wide (Https://)
  • Staff Activity page (recent activity and mix of historical data) - Click here to view
  • Steam Integration
  • Discord Integration with the forums, sign-in, posts and threads that are posted to discord, and private messages that are DM-ed on discord to you directly

Planned Upgrades:
  • Coins
  • Awards
  • Clan Roster Page
  • Country Flags
  • Roster works page

Other Needs:
  • Mentions are there -- but not working correctly and/or consistently
  • Quick link to join FeverClan
  • Attempt to fix broken back links
  • Gif avatars
Known Issues:
  • Avatars, Cover Images, and several other "up-loadable" image areas are not correctly overwriting with new images or are showing the previous images
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Dec 3, 2012
It looks much cleaner but it will definitely take some time to get used to this change to the forums etc! <3
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Jun 18, 2018
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So slick, like we've all been rick rolled!
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Dec 17, 2016
Decatur, AL
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Considering how many other problems were cropping up with the old forums, this was probably the best choice. Looking forward to seeing things get finalized!
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Apr 11, 2007
Atlanta, GA
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Considering how many other problems were cropping up with the old forums, this was probably the best choice. Looking forward to seeing things get finalized!

We also could not make meaningful upgrades in terms of styling, speed, and coding. So hopefully we'll be able to build several more conveniences in.
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