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Jul 19, 2015
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Hello everyone!!!

Today I am going to nag about recruitment. Recruitment is something that is fundamentally needed in a community. We are not asking you to go out of your mind and spam anything and everyone to join Fever. Recruitment is something that needs to happen regularly over time for it to have its full effect and you need to find the balance between posting to much or little.
The reason why I am making this is because we are not getting new players which I find really sad, seeing that these new players fresh blood is what helps a community grow and makes a section/community better. However how can we get these new players and help this community grow.
I am going to share with you one project that [MENTION=53280]Magrath[/MENTION] is currently working on, it is to make a Fever Dota 2 recruitment video, I am not sure how far he into making it but I believe that the video will be up by end of March or the start of April.

Here is some things you can do to help recruit!

  • Ask a friend, most of us got that one friend that you have played with since forever, how about asking that person to join?
  • If you meet someone friendly in a match, add him or her play some games with you and ask if he or she would be interested in joining Fever.
  • When you are advertising Fever focus on what we can offer to the players. That we are a multi gaming community and for Dota 2 we can offer coaching, guides, leagues, tournaments, game nights and more.
  • My guide to in game recruitment
  • Use the world chat in game, go to the larger cities, and try to advertise Fever there.

I personally joined Fever because they could offer me more than most other communities and they were a mature community so I knew that I would not have to deal with the normal trolls in that usually lingers around in larger communities. It is probably the same for a lot of other people. If you got your own thoughts regarding recruitment feel free to share them below

//Best wishes, Kimenu and Daddy\\
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