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Jun 23, 2012
Behind You!!!
Novare Coast-

The 5/3 split. When done right this one is a monster.

Instead of the usual 1 run to east and the rest mid send 3 healers a DPS and a tank to south. Lots of cross healing and survivability. The whole purpose of this is to stop the cap and kite away.

1 tank and 2 dps (need 1 mara) go to cap east. Upon successful capture of east pop predation and sprint to west leaving the tank at east. The preferred tank is an assassin for the stealth and stealth sap. They have the best ability to stall while help comes. Once the DPS arrive at west and burn down the usual 1 or 2 individuals guarding begin capping west.

This will always have 1 of 2 reactions either the opposing team will pull off of south and run to west in which case south becomes freed up for stun caps, or they stay at south and continue to try to kill healers.

1. Stealth/stun cap south. The few that remain will focus on killing healers, cross heal and kite them away from the objective while the dps and tank try to cap. The 2 dps that die at east run immediately to south and crush the remaining forces while the enemy reinforces west.
(NOTE) all of their forces are on west all of your forces are at south. 1dps and 1 healer need to pull off of south during the cap to reinforce east. you may miss some attacker points but it will be worth it when we win.

2. Reinforce east and west. As you die at south you respawn and reinforce east. The first healer down sprints to west. The second down goes to east. If the tank goes down he reinforces west. The dps goes east. The better geared ops healer bounces back and forth between whichever objective is being hit the hardest. 1 dps from east will continue to attack south. this way there are always 3 bodies at each objective 1 extra healer on the way to help, and 1 dps forcing them to keep at least 2 bodies at south. (DPS at south must be geared enough to force them to keep 2 bodies on south or he is just wasting his time and will run back and forth between objectives with the ops healer).

Knowledge is Power.
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