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Clan Leader
Oct 13, 2016
Clan Rank
Vice Commander
Vice Commander
Company Commander: Axle
Deputy Company Commander:
Assistant Company Commander:
Company Administrator (officer+):

Tenno Coaching Staff (enlisted+):
Responsible for knowing their class(es), and can coach and give advice when solicited.

Game Night Coordinator: VACANT
Game Night Host (enlisted+) VACANT
Responsible for hosting game nights and reporting attendance to the Game Night Coordinator.

Recruiting Coordinator VACANT
In-Game Recruiter (enlisted+): @PoE Section, all who have clan jobs in this section must help with recruitment.
***Responsible for recruiting using methods available in-game. Primarily reaching out to non-Fever members in the clan
to have them apply/get reinstated, and having some activity in random groups and maps with promoting Fever.***

Content Creator (enlisted+): VACANT
***Responsible for keeping the section active and reporting or deleting spam also
posting news and patch notes***

Playing Admin (officer+): VACANT
***Responsible for being a first port of call for problems and ensure a lively and fun atmosphere is kept in-game.
Reports any issue to the first company commander or deputy/assistant company commander available if the issue
is not easy to resolve. Primary focus is being a prominent in-game presence.***

updated list gives you more of a definition of what each job entails
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