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Jul 1, 2019
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User name: vaguity
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Game(s) you play: Overwatch, Sea of Thieves, Stardew Valley
Current In-Game Username(s) you would like to share: vaguity
Do you have a Mic and Discord: Yes
What is your Discord username and #?: vaguity#6014
Do you have a account?: Yes name and #: vaguity#1572
Do you use Twitch?: Yes
Twitch Username: vaguity1
How did you find us?: Referred by Fever member
Name of the Fever member who referred you?: MissJoker
Have you been in FeverClan before?: No
Does anyone else use your computer?: No
Skills or Traits you want to share: Web development
Why should we allow you into our Mature Community?: I've gotten along with the members I've played with and appreciate the community's philosophy.
I have read the FeverClan Standard and agree to adhere with them: Yes

Approved by: Miss Joker
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Dec 7, 2017
Renton, WA
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Brigadier General
Brig General
Hi, thank you for applying to Fever! When you're able, please hang out in one of the interview rooms on our Discord and an officer will conduct your interview.

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