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Hey Guys ! Below I have posted some links to valuable sites containing Hero builds, map strats and talent selections

My Main go to and recommend for all members:

Heroes of the Storm News and Guides - Icy Veins

This is largely recommended as it contains multiple builds for various different play-styles for each hero !

This site I mainly use to see top builds for current meta and current Hero Tier lists, it also contains valuable information on skill rotations and alternative talent selection for those builds:


Last but not least, HOTSLOGS, mainly used for checking Hero talents by statistical factors (i.e popularity). This site collects the data of all uploaded games and compiles them into a database to show what players are picking what talents on which maps and the win % value with each of those heroes/ talent choices.


I hope this helps, if anyone has any questions regarding these sites or suggestions for sites that should be added feel free to let me know !

Thanks guys,

See you in the Nexus !



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Jun 24, 2012
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BStep's McIntyre posted a google doc with all his favourite builds here: McIntyre Builds - Google Docs

Mewfarez, a GM/Master player posted a link to his preferred builds here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1egiHdhcEkMnrcZ5Evdo1UXVBFatu36oiCUyGSKbzjbg/preview

I'd also suggest Grubbys guides which can generally be found by going to https://twitch.tv/followgrubby and typing !heroname in his chat and the bot will get you, generally, multiple guides for the chosen hero!
Thank you for the feedback, very good information for myself and others !



Aug 19, 2014
TenTonHammer seems to be more up-to-date.


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Jul 18, 2015
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When I play a new hero, I first use the ten ton hammer build just to get the hang of the hero. After 1-2 games I look at the icy-veins builds, and a few games after that, I start to play around with the different talents. Notably one talent I switch on a regular basis is Zarya's level 13 talent, most guides say to get the activated shield but against spell damage heavy comps I take the spell shield talent.
I personally don't like Icy Veins, I feel they don't update enough to stay relevant.

I prefer HOTSlogs mostly for meta crafting, since you can see what is being picked the most
Personally I mainly use them as a rough guide, but I mean even the worst builds in the right players hands can devastate and vice versa. Hell the pros pick talents based of the situation/ map which to me seems far better practice. I mainly think that these sites just offer the "safest" builds for each character.


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