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Apr 29, 2013
Ubisoft's latest open-world adventure Far Cry 5 has arrived, giving players the chance to oppose the likes of Joseph Seed and the unfortunate souls ensnared by the Eden's Gate cult. This is a game that has many moving parts, and unsurprisingly, Ubisoft has provided a day-one patch to fix some of the errors and miscellaneous issues being faced by players, including a nerf to the hilariously-overpowered turkeys spreading terror across Hope County.
[h=2]Far Cry 5 Update Version 1.03 Patch Notes[/h]Nearly every aspect of Far Cry 5 has been touched on in the game's latest patch, the likes of which offers fixes and tweaks to everything from enemy behavior to mission progression and beyond. Players will also spot a straightforward reference to the game's turkey menace under the animal AI section. Here are the Far Cry 5 update version 1.03 patch notes as provided via the Ubisoft support website:
Stability & Performance:
• Improved overall stability
• Minor quality bug fixes
• Fixed low occurrence crashes
• Fixed sound pops and desync issues
Companion, Enemy, & Animal AI:
• Improved Guns for Hire behavior and navigation
• Fixed various low reproduction AI issues
• Fixed animation issues
• Turkey was too powerful

Design & Mission Progression:
• Fixed low reproduction walkthrough issues
• Tweaked and balanced rewards
• Updated perks – Added Air Drop perk
• Added Live Event support and Rewards
• Improved overall balancing for the economy
• Improved transitions
• Fixed minor bugs
Gameplay & UI:
• Fixed minor bugs with animations
• Fixed bugs with weapon handling
• Fixed minor HUD and menu issues
• Fixed bugs with subtitles
• Added “sell all” option for LOOT
Co-op and Online:
• Fixed COOP and online replication issues
• Improved COOP partner spawning and join in progress
• Fixed minor COOP bugs
• Fixed COOP specific mission issues
• Fixed Hurk blowing up the Friend for Hire player when in a helicopter.
Far Cry Arcade:
• Players were locked into the Multiplayer lobby because of a Host Migration issue
Far Cry Arcade Editor:
• Bug fix for the editor
• Updated and fixed editor assets
• Fix for major lighting issue
• Optimization fixes for the editor
Now that you're all caught up with the latest update patch notes, head on over to our Far Cry 5 walkthrough and guide hub, where we break down everything from the game's different endings to different collectibles and more.


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