Upcoming Tournaments 14th, 21st, 28th of may. (1 Viewer)


Apr 10, 2016
Matinkyl, Espoo

an hour prior to the tournament today, i will stream while playing some casual games and you are allowed to ask about anything regarding the tournament or anything else on your mind.

So instead of having everyone ask questions from me before we start, i will stream so as to make sure everyone gets to ask their question and get necessary answer without me going around messaging every single participant.

stream starts 20:00 GMT at: twitch.tv/lihisgaming
The stream will also be hosted at: twitch.tv/feverclan

stream will be on for roughly 45min until we start preparing for the first round of the tournament. I will also announce the prizes on the stream.

Any questions you have, please ask them during stream, thanks!

- Makk


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Feb 12, 2015
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Sorry busy watching friend's stream, mind updating the prizes on your original post after stream? Thanks!

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