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Feb 15, 2012
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The concerns about good single target heal cards that fit into an Ursurio deck were heard and we agree that he was still missing out on what we wanted him to do. Keeping in mind that Ursurio is an Epic Hero and should be geared towards a smaller slice of decks than his Legendary counterparts, we have been seeing good results with the following version. Please let us know what you think of this Ursurio skillset.

Ursurio (Level 5)
Health: 42
Enhance Pierce 1
Empower Wyld 2
Heal 1

This version focuses more on a rush style deck. We changed the Enhance Heal to be a single point of heal as well as Enhance Pierce to help support the small fast decks that Ursurio helped create. It is worth mentioning that we have been testing him with both Heal 1 and Heal 2. Obviously Heal 2 is better, but we felt in testing that it made him feel stronger than his Legendary counterparts in many ways and also didnt support the rush feeling.

One Drops Rares

Frog Outrunner was not performing where we wanted him to; we adjusted his health down another point but gave him a point of attack back. Duoshot Ranger is right about where we want him to be currently, especially with the enhanced pierce from the new version of Ursurio. Smelted Skeleton, though fragile, still deals a mean amount of damage for a one drop rare.

Frog Outrunner: 3/11, Invisibility 1, Empower Frog 3
Duoshot Ranger: 4/10, Empower Wyld 2, Pierce 2
Smelted Skeleton: 4/9, Bolt 2, Burn 1

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