Patch: Unofficial Patch Notes: 12/18/2019 (1 Viewer)

During today’s downtime, we removed items that could only be obtained by cheating through abuse of an exploit. We also implemented additional measures to address that exploit.

Additionally, the community has let us know loud and clear that Santatron wasn’t being generous enough with its Holiday Gifts. We’ve significantly increased the chances that your Santatron will find a Holiday Gift when it goes out to scavenge, and you should (on average) receive at least one per hour.

From [COMPLETE] Fallout 76 Maintenance - December 18, 2019


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I got exactly 1 because I had to reprogram the Santatron. Once reprogrammed, I got the one gift together with one scrap of fertilizer (LMAO!) and had to log out. Meh.

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