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Added to Calendar: 01-11-20

Hi Fever! I'd like to host a special edition of our Town of Salem game night with all fever members. We will need 15 feverians to run the event, please reply to this thread if you'd like to participate :)

For more info on how Town of Salem works, check it out on Steam or DM me on Discord.

The top 5 will be awarded the Fever Competition Ribbon or an updated version of the medal if you already have it

Placement will be based on a point system. Each round, a point will be given to members at the end of each game as follows (*rules updated thank you Selenite ):

Town roles - 1 point for winning
Mafia roles - 1 point for winning
Serial killer - 3 points for winning
Jester - 2 points for getting yourself lynched
Executioner - 2 points for getting your target lynched. If you turn into a Jester then as above

We will run at least 4 games, preferably 5 or more. We'll tally the points at the end and the top 5 scores will get the award. If we have ties with same number of points, all will receive the award. To make things easier we will play in Classic mode. If you have any suggestions on the point system or anything else let me know.

1. Violet
2. Phoenix_Ace
3. Theoldbore
4. Kimenu
5. Omegadir
6. Selenite
7. Kaottic
8. Diane
9. Entropian
10. Medic739
11. Divinekitty
12. IAmCellist
13. Bogo
14. missjoker

Tentative: Gaudkiller, Sixxed

Event: Town of Salem Fever All-Stars
When: January 11, 2020 starting 7pm EST
Where: Hot Tub channel, Discord
Rewards: Fever Competition Medal, Fever Coins

If we don't get enough people by that date we'll reschedule to the following Saturday that I'm off work which would be the 1/25

If you don't want to play, you can still join us as a spectator. Hope we can make it happen!!! C'mon sign up, you know you want to :p

Long Live the Mafia. YEET!!!
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