Together we stand, Divided we fall (1 Viewer)

Kindred Spirit R

Aug 25, 2016
This saying has always stuck with me because I believe, that regardless of what we do, if we do it together, we can be great.

Now note that I'm Canadian and you may think that I'm just looking in from another country. However, I find similarities in Hillary vs Kathleen Wynne and Trump vs Justin Trudeau.

Its the same problem, however we got both...

Now consider what's going on with the people of china, russia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom and many others.

The strength of America is its bonds with one another, something that, for all the credit you give him, had nothing to do with Trump.

You want to go out in the streets and protest? Fine. But when someone turns around and gives you an ear, you better have more then words, you better have a plan that WILL work, or your just full of hot air.

Stop telling other people you want your problems fixed, get together, and make a plan that will work for you and everyone else effected.

Critics and cynics, that's America's legacy right now. The activists that did more than protest and speak out, who went behind closed doors and crunched real numbers, have been lost.

It's so frustrating, because if you stop to look at the whole world... we're already on borrowed time to set things right.

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