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Oct 10, 2018
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Praise your lord and master!..... I've collected the most bobbleheads so they kinda named me overseer for the time being....

Greetings and salutations from a perfectly non-wasteland environment (for now), im Shiva, I will for the foreseeable future be your XO for Fallout 76. This means that if you have any issues, comments, or questions about the section or its content, I'm the ghoul to go to.

That being said, I'm currently in the process of looking for a few good people to help me by being my In Game Admins. My expectations are quite simple for this role.... Just play the game and have fun! All I need to know is who wanted to play with you (to gauge clan interest). That's it! Talk about a skeever of a problem!

All joking aside, I'm quite serious about making 76 into a fun clan gathering. Groups to go and explore the environment, probe the lore, gather gear, and maybe punish "potential raiders". ;) Its my goal to get all of you active in the community and make it convenient for you to enjoy Fever clan and the groups we can make.

With that said, id like to add one last thing. I'll be posting up a forum post to track who is playing 76. If your so inclined, please post in it so I know to add you to the list. This way we can get everyone together on launch day!

Link for your convenience:

(And that whole earning full company status thing would be nice too.... you know.... for my ego.... not that it isn't big enough yet or anything....)


Your lord and ghoulish overseer


P.S. ….. Yea, my jokes are terrible, but boring isn't my style!
P.P.S You can find all our information below

Welcome to the Fallout 76 Section of Fever Clan!

This is the official thread where a person may find all the relevant information they need in order to enjoy their stay here! All information found here is updated regularly, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact any Officer, General or Leader of the Fallout 76 division (preferably in that order).


1) What is Fallout 76
2) Fallout Q/A
3) General Information
.... i)Events
.... ii) CurrentFallout 76 Division Structure
.... iii) Current Fallout 76 Open Jobs
.... iv) Useful Links (now including patch notes)
.... v) Get connected
4) Recruiting Threads
5) Fever In-House Rules

What is Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 is a multiplayer survival game with settlement features, and according to Bethesda, the map is a whopping four times bigger than that of its predecessor.

Fallout 76 Q/A

Q. How do I play with Fever?
A. Please feel free to anyone on our roster to you friends list, add yourself to the fallout 76 group on discord or just join us there.

Q. Does Fever have a Fallout in-game guild?
A. No, but you are more than welcome to add anyone of us to your friends list and come join us.

Q. I am new to Fallout 76. Where can I get started?
A. Check out this guide New Starter guide

Q. I am looking for help in a specific area involving Fallout 76. Where can I get this help?
A. If you need help on anything related to Fallout 76, please feel free to ask any of our officers and we'll do our best.

If you have any questions, do not be afraid to leave a comment. There is always room for this list to expand.

This is the official thread where a person may find all the relevant information they need in order to enjoy their stay here! All information found here is updated regularly, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact any Officer, General or Leader of the Fallout 76 division (preferably in that order).

General Information

- Events -

Fallout 76 Nights
Description: Fallout night events.
When: Check the schedule.
More Info: Contact any Fallout 76 officer for more info.

Fallout 76 Nuke Nights
Description: Event where members participate in nuke runs
When: Hosted at the discretion of the Game night hosts
More Info: When a Event is hosted, the admin in charge will usually host a separate Thread with details or post on discord. Chat to Shiva - for more info


If you want to help run any of these event please let - know.

StatsRace (Paused)
Description: Monthly event where members compete against each other based on stats improvement.
When: TBD

- Current Fallout 76 Division Structure -

Fallout 76 XO(s)


Fallout 76 Deputy XO

Active Officers (who hold at least 1 Fallout related job)

Atomic Philosopher

Current Fallout 76 Open Jobs

Fallout 76 jobs

1. Coaching Manager (Held by an officer or above) - is ultimately responsible for coaching section in Fallout 76, manage and interview Fallout 76 coaches and check there role skills , provide coaches to members, make sure that coaching is running smoothly.

2. Game Night Host - (Held by officers and enlisted members) - is responsible of hosting Fallout 76 nights with the co-ordination with game night host crew, make sure that night is going well and games are running within Fever standard, and all members are having fun.

3. Fallout 76 Award council (Held by an officer or above) - make sure that members are receiving the proper awards for Fallout 76 in timely manners.

4. Recruitment Team (Could be held by any enlisted member and above) - Part of Fever Recruitment team with is responsible of recruiting a new people to Fever.

5. Fallout 76 Events Announcer (Could be hold by any enlisted member and above) - is responsible for making sure the members of Fever get a message when major events are occurring.

6. Fallout 76 Section Content Creators (Could be hold by any enlisted member and above) -is responsible for updating all pertinent threads, as well as keeping the section spam free. (all officers automatically receive some moderating rights).

Current Job/Roster


[TD="align: center"]
[TD="align: center"]

Fallout 76 Game Nights
Fallout 76 Awards Council
Fallout 76 Content Creators
Fallout 76 Steam Group Manager
Fallout 76 Recruiting Team

If you are interested in any of the jobs please PM [MENTION=27786]Thundernut[/MENTION]

Please note that Recruiting Team and Fallout 76 Coaching Team are always opened jobs, feel free to apply anytime.

all jobs for Fallout as well as other parts of Fever can be found Jobs

Useful links

Fallout 76 Awards
Information: Here you can get a forum badge. Check out our available awards categories.
Link: Awards

Patch Notes
Information: Here is a link to the most up to date patch notes in Fallout 76. Any news on up and coming patch notes will be here too.
Link: Patch Notes

- Get connected -

Fallout 46 Discord Channel's

If you havent found us already we're here on Discord

Recruiting Threads

The following are Fever's Fallout recruitment threads. If you have more recruitment threads to add, please reply, so they can be added. Should you find the kindness in your heart and the soul of a fish (wait, what?), then please bump these threads when you can. If any of these links are broken, let me know with a reply/PM

Fever In-House Rules:

  • Respect everyone = No raging or quittng
  • If you're playing, you must be in disocrd with your team (Even if your mic is muted))

Please help me keep this thread up to date guys. PM me or mention me in reply if we need to put a new link up or update something. Also, those who have privileges to edit/update posts, feel free to do so, but please keep it neat and formatted.
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