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Everyone who plays League of Legends already experienced this: Ganks going bad or unsuccessful by either side (laner or jungler) doing a mistake and wasting precious summoner spells, resources, and cooldowns.

So the question is: How to set up a gank as a laner to make it as successful as possible?

Tip 1: Try to get a control ward down on either bush near the lane to give your jungler an opportunity to wait for the right moment to go in without possibly standing on a ward.

Tip 2: Try to freeze the wave in front of your turret so the enemy laner has to stand far up in the lane to go for cs and has a long way to go before reaching the safety of his turret

Tip 3: Pay attention to your enemy laner and try to guess where he warded (if you aren´t sure) and tell this to your jungler, making him able to play around the warded area.

Tip 4: Try to “bait” the enemy laner into a fight. When people are fighting on their lane, they are shifting their focus away from the minimap even more than they usually do. While fighting they are busy with processing what is happening in the fight than looking at the map. When the actual gank happens, don´t just throw your CC onto the enemy. CC does not stack but gets overwritten. So if somebody is hit by 2 stuns at the same time, only the second stun will count.

So if you have several CC spells, chain them so that one CC connects the moment the first one runs out to get the maximum time of CC.

Tip 5: If your jungler is trying to go for dive from behind, push the wave as fast as possible into the enemy turret while conserving enough mana for your spells. Let the wave tank the turret and wait for your spells to come back up if on cooldown and then pincer attack the enemy with your jungler. Even if you can´t reach the enemy anymore after taking turret aggro, don´t run out of its range blindly.

If your Jungler is still diving the enemy, tank the turret as long as you can without dying and wasting summoners to get some time for your jungler to finish the dive without getting killed.

Tip 6: If the gank was successful or the enemy had to recall and uses his teleport to come back to lane, tell your jungler in advance to gank a second time after the enemy came back to lane if possible.

This way the enemy might die a second time and loses even more cs and experience while providing you with more gold and a bigger experience lead. Since he already “lost” his teleport he has to go back to lane by walking, giving you time to push the wave into his turret and going back to base to spend all of your money and go back to lane (by walking) and abuse the lead you got.

Tip 7: In case your jungler can´t go for a second gank and the enemy comes back to lane using teleport after you pushed out the wave, just go back to base to refill your hp and mana, buy items and use the gold you got to get an item advantage.

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