Theorycrafting for EXP Speed GR 4-man group with LoN Condemn (1 Viewer)


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Oct 23, 2017
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Since season 16 opens up quite many new build combos, there is one combo that has very high potential and resembles Rat runs quite a lot. This should be comparable to the other popularized 4 man combo with 2 barbs, DH and Monk. The main idea on this is based on LoN set buff which was quite massive and LoN Condemn now is more damage than Akkhan Condemn, but less durable. This is really very much like Rat runs except zNecro is not freezing mobs, but has longer duration Land of the Dead.

Builds for Theorycraft
  • LoN Fire Condemn Crusader
    • AOE Trash Clearer
    • Thanks to zNecro increasing your crit you can wear a bit less Crit chance and use CDR, Crit Damage and AD on your rings
  • zNecro
    • Creates globes but does not freeze mobs to allow condemn to pull those together
    • Use Lornelle’s Sunstone instead of RoRG. This combined with 4 piece pestilence gives good toughness
      • Another great option would be Briggs Wrath for grouping monsters with pixel pull for LoN Condemn to blow up.
    • You can also drop Vigilante Belt to put on Dayntee's Bindings for even more toughness
    • Instead of frozen Lands use Shallow Graves to get longer lasting Land of the dead and to make up for losing Vigilante Belt
  • zBarb
    • Provides toughness, damage and movement speed
    • Pick up globes for Crusader
    • Rend Elites and Bosses for DH
  • Impale DH
    • Boss killer
    • Also benefits from zNecro Crit increase.
Lets discuss on how to make this work well, the potential is there definitely.

NOTE: There could also be variation where Impale DH is replaced With Holy LoN Condemn to handle pulling allowing zNecro more toughness. Boss damage would be a bit lower.
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