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Jul 26, 2018
Games you play: Ark, hearthstone, pubg, fortnite, asotf, miscreated, clash royals, chess
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Country: United States
FPS Username:
League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: thebobit#1122
MMO Username:
Steam Username: Pickle Nick
xFire Username:
Other Usernames: Rubixcube123
Do you have a Mic and Discord: Yes
How did you hear about Fever Clan: Another Forum or Website
Referrer Site URL:
Referrer Username:
Are you in a Clan now: No
What clan are you in now:
Have you been in a clan before: No
What clans have you been in before:
Does anyone use your computer for gaming: No
Do you know how to use these forums: Yes
Do you have any experience in programming, graphic design, creative writing, or media editing: No
List your skills/experience here:
Why should we allow you in our mature Clan: I am a hearthstone player who consistently reaches at least rank 5 each season and is dedicated to becoming a better player. Along with this I won second place in my cities tournament and have been selected to try out for my colleges varsity hearthstone team my freshmen year. I work well with others and I am just looking for an opportunity to join a group of like minded individuals who look to do their best in every game they play.
Have you read the Clan Rules: Yes


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Apr 11, 2007
Atlanta, GA
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Clan Founder
Hello! Thank you for applying to Fever, the premier destination for your gaming community needs!

The next step of your application process is to connect to our Discord server. To do so, please use the following invite link: Discord.
In order to ensure your interview goes as smooth as possible, please make sure your application is filled out accurately and completely. Once you are comfortable with your application, and have connected to our Discord server, please move to one of the "Interview Room" channels.

Things to note:

1) The only people that can do interviews are members of our Application Team, Clan Generals and Clan Leaders. These people will have separate colors from regular members, as you can see to the right in our Discord server.

2) There may not always be someone available to do your interview. If you have been waiting for a while without your interview/application being processed please feel free to come back at a later time, or hang out with our members in Discord (we prefer the second option, as you get a better feel for our community). As a guest you cannot join channels with an (M) next to them, or locked channels, but you can join the rest.

3) Do not be afraid to message someone who is an officer or above about your application (WITHIN REASON). If you have been waiting for a while, send one of the above people a PM in Discord letting them know you are looking for an interview. (Keep in mind that person could be AFK, or in a game, and may not respond right away)

4) If you are unable to do the interview at the time of your application, please stop by at any time convenient to you to finish your application process.

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to fill out an application with us here at Fever, and look forward to gaming with you soon!


- Fever Application Team

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Dec 17, 2016
Decatur, AL
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Clan Leader
Thank you for applying to FeverClan. Your application has been with us for more than 90 days and an interview hasn't been completed. Because of this, we are closing this application. If you're still interested in becoming a member of Fever, please submit another application.
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