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Where and When Fever Clan got it's start

Before Fever Clan, as we know it today, was even around there was a large gaming forum called, Fever Gaming Community. It wasn't a gaming clan like Fever is now. It was just a large community for people to socialize and discuss all things gaming. It was quite a large community with 60,000 registered members. It's not around anymore but there is more to that story coming up.

Long before Fever Gaming Community and Fever Clan Bogo ran a gaming clan called Spec-Ops for e-Leetgaming in 2005. Bogo built and led Spec-Ops for two years. However, While in Spec-Ops Bogo discovered that one of the general managers for e-leetgaming, Carma, was stealing from the Spec-Ops. He reported this to management but the communication between Bogo and management as discovered before it got there. This resulted in Bogo being terminated from e-leetgaming and Spec-Ops. Management at e-leetgaming evetually found out about what really went wrong and offered Bogo his job back. However, after everything that happened Bogo decided not to go back with e-leetgaming.

After leaving Spec-Ops Bogo found Fever Gaming Community registered and joined. After spending some time in Fever Gaming Community the owners of the community recognized the name "Bogo" from Spec-Ops. The owners had tried to start a clan previously but weren't able to keep it going successfully. Recognizing Bogo as the person that lead Spec-Ops they approached him about leading the actual gaming clan for Fever Gaming Community. This was the start of Fever Clan. Shortly after Bogo took the reigns of Fever Clan the owners of Fever Gaming came to Bogo and said they were planning on selling Fever Gaming Community. Whoever was buying Fever Gaming Community didn't want Fever Clan. The current owners with the rights to Fever Clan asked Bogo if he wanted the clan. In May of 2007 Bogo bought the rights to Fever Clan for a surprisingly small amount and Fever Clan continued on. The original Founders where Bogo, Lt. Dingle Berry, Donttread and Curt_Nav_As.
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History of Rank in Fever Clan

The History of our Rank Structure

The rank structure of Fever Clan hasn't changed a whole lot since Fever was started. There has always been Private through Sergeant Major of the Army and 2nd Lieutenant through General. Commander of the Army and General of the Army were all part of the rank structure when Fever Clan started up. What you may not know is where exactly it came from. The rank structure for Fever was something that Bogo built when he was leading Spec-Ops, before he founded Fever Clan. The ranks where based off the Battlefield 2 ranks structure. The have stayed pretty much the same over the years with the exception of a few that came and went.

Retired Ranks of Fever Clan

Warrant Officer Ranks Warrant Officers where used as an OIT (Officer In Training) rank. There was Chief Warrant Officer 1 through 5. A member would progress through the Warrant Officer ranks eventually becoming a Second Lieutenant after completing the officer training. The Warrant Officer ranks weren't around for very long they were added in February of 2008 and left the Fever Rank Structure in 2009.

Warrant Officer 1WO1wo1.png
Warrant Officer 2WO2WO2.png
Warrant Officer 3WO3WO3.png
Warrant Officer 4WO4WO4.png
Warrant Officer 5WO5WO5.png

Division Commander Division Commanders were Section or Game Company Commanders. The idea behind the Division Commander rank was to differentiate between a game company commander and other officers. As far as rank the were the same as the current 4 star general. Each Division Commander their game title above the four general stars to show which section or game the were in charge of. This rank was only around for a year.

Division CommanderDCBlack-ops.png l4d_div_rank3.png

Vice Commander A Vice Commander were considered a stepping stone to becoming a Clan Co-Leader or Commander of the Army. Members with this rank where leaders but as far as rank they fell below a Commander of the Army.

Vice CommanderVCvc.png
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The Best Gaming Clan Around

Clans started by former Fever members

From time to time people decided that they want to strike out on their own and start a new clan. Sometime that grass just looks greener on the other side. Nothing wrong with that. However, I am sure we all have heard someone say, "Well the grass wasn't greener on the other side." Out of all the clans that have spawned from former members of Fever not a single one has the same level of membership and or activity.

Here is a list of clan started be former Fever member and the names of those that had a part in their formation.

DumpsterBabies - Flexo

DirtNapGaming - Smack

WST (We Shoot Things) - Smiley, Agent38DDD

MarauderClan - Booyah

Deadlygaming - Brooklyn, Madman, Jehuty

Thunderdog eSports - Shock

Pandorum Gaming - Havenbrook

Diwo Gaming Clan - Worggy, lilbear, and The_Bear
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The Bogopocolypse




Ever seen this icon bogopoc_icon.png on someone's profile and wondered what is that was for? Then click on it only to be redirected to the Awards Section with the cryptic description that reads, "Awarded to those members who have shown great loyalty and rejoined Fever within three weeks after the Wipe." That only leads to more questions. What was this wipe and why did it happen? Will it happen again?

The story of the Bogopocalypse is one of a simple mistake that lead to major historical event in the history of Fever Clan. In 2009 Bogo was trying to fix problems with the database for Fever Fever isn't the same as Fever It is a side project that Bogo was working on. Back before Fever Clan was started there was a large gaming community called the Fever Gaming Community. Fever Gaming was a large forum where people would discuss anything and everything related to gaming. It wasn't a gaming clan it was just a forum. The Fever Gaming Community was bought out and turned into an advertisement site. However, the idea of having a large community in addition to Fever Clan is something Bogo wanted to have. Bogo and Virus had wanted to rebuild the database for scratch just not under the circumstances that transpired.

One day Bogo went to delete the database for They wanted to use the database from Fever Clan to get started. When he logged into the admin control panel for he was unknowingly redirected to the wrong control panel. The control panel he was directed to was the admin control panel for Fever Clan. Not knowing he was on the wrong control panel Bogo deleted the database for or so he thought. Thinking he had deleted the database for he went on about his business. However, when he tried to get back to the Fever Clan wesbite he almost instantly he noticed something was wrong. Something didn't look right, everything was gone. Thinking he had a back-up of that database he went to restore it. However there was no current back up of that database. The only one that Bogo and Virus could come up with was a very old back up that was terribly out of date. In a nutshell everyone's information was gone. All user accounts, everything.

Bogo and Virus manged to get everything back up and running but every member of Fever at that time had to create new accounts. Everything that was gone had to be redone. It took a lot of work, time and effort to get wheels turning smoothly again. The Bogopocalypse brought out something good though. It showed those people that truly cared about Fever Clan. "The Wipe" shone light on the members of Fever with dedication and brought notice to the their continued efforts to keep this clan on top. To continue to make it the best clan ever. After hearing the story the award description make a little more sense.
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Fever's History

Fever History

Hello everyone! In case you were wondering what this section is about, this is a new section on the forums dedicated to the history of Fever Clan. Fever has been around for nearly nine years now. When a clan has been around that long there is undoubtedly some interesting stories along the way. It has been a lot of fun to hear all the stories and learn about the history of Fever Clan.

Topics that will be coming to the Clan History Section:

  • Where and When Fever got it's start
  • Retired Ranks of Fever Clan
  • Clans started by former Fever members
  • The Bogopocolypse
  • The Hall of Veterans

I hope that everyone enjoys reading about the different topics to be posted shortly. If you have a story to tell or you find something that needs to changed please let me know via PM

I also want to thank a few people for helping with this project. The entire Master of the Forums Team for all their help. [MENTION=23757]Blazin[/MENTION] for getting me started on this, [MENTION=35019]Mizu[/MENTION] for his help and volunteering the MOTF Team, [MENTION=1]Bogo[/MENTION] for putting up my numerous questions and providing a lot of the info and everyone that responded to my PM spam!

Please stay tuned as more information will be getting added. Also this is a Informational Section. Please do not post here. If you have a question or have something to add please shoot me PM
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