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I just download the game to try this game the game has potential but the company behind the game is Cryptic/Perfect World which spells fail right there.

I understand the game is Free 2 Play, some people and fans will like any game, while others wont however my opinion the game needs the following.

1. The game needs to be wiped all characters need to be reset from character creation again when the game comes out of BETA due to Dupe exploit.

2. Character Models are a joke, looking at it looks very much like StarTrek Online infantry combat just modified for DDO, I want something like in the actual DDO movie that looks realistic like a human, Mesh Hair's are not so bad but needs overhaul.

3. Restriction of Game Play, the game just feels too restricting went to level 6 looked in cash shop I have to pay to Respec my character, can't just pay a flat monthly fee and get all main aspects of the game, restricted character classes limited to two on free accounts unless buying package, and or slots just doesn't feel like a 2013 MMO and so another game I am not playing.

I just want to see more MMO's like DarkFall & EVE, so for now I am sticking to these two, and games like DOTA, League, WarFrame seem okay, but games by PWI is meh.


It wasn't a Cat dupe, It was the auction house exploit, unlimited astral diamonds, which allowed people to easly buy the 1million dollar cat companion and throw it like it was candy.


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sadly there will be exploiters and cheaters in any game. Heck I have seen some within fever in other games.

played eve got tired of the griefers and people like that. Sadly its more and more prevalent everywhere as the world goes down the shitter the way it has been. Punks thinking this kind of stuff is fun or even ok.


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yes i tried the dupe ad got 20mil for my alt and buy some gg items for my main account.

the thing is people already dupe billions of billions of astrals at there alts character,with the demands of astral diamonds vs real money. people are trying to save them. pass the ad one into another. i saw a guy on twitch giving away some very rare mounts and buying all the items he can and stack them up at the guild bank.

This is what pwe responded

Exploit Follow up
Hey All,

We currently are in the process of taking action against a subset of accounts that were confirmed to have utilized exploits that affected the game balance or economy.

These accounts may be banned, temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity of exploit utilization. Anyone who is affected by this will receive notification via email.

While we have taken all precautions necessary to ensure that no false positives made it into our final list of accounts to take action against, we do acknowledge that some players who were banned may wish to follow up with us. If you had an account banned and wish to escalate the issue to our support team, please create a ticket at or send an email to

Please note that forum discussions about specific accounts being banned is against our forum guidelines, thus any threads on the topic may be closed. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Thank you for your patience and support while we continue to do everything in our power to ensure that Neverwinter remains a fair and balanced game experience.

-Dezstravus and the Neverwinter Team

right now i dint recieve any email from my alts


Either way I know cheaters, hackers, exploiters well enough to say.

The Exploit was likely around for quite awhile, at least 1-2 people actually abused the exploit way before anyone else ever hear about it and likely created multiple accounts via multiple IP addresses & MAC spoofing if they were smart to exploit on and pass off items to and so on before anyone else ever hear about it therefore the wipe that has occur and exploit of the bug will just harm innocent people and remove all the kiddies who found out about the exploit on YouTube for example and nothing will get done about all the long time exploiters because there will likely be way too many logs for GM's to check aka the smart ones will have kept it low profile, I knew of an exploit like this in a old game server that closed down I wont talk about it but the account or game but person had well over 3k USD in items and never got banned game server no longer exists though it was one of those old Diablo like games.

In order to fix this they need to do a Full Wipe on Release of the game, and give players back their Refund all purchased Zen on Release so players can buy back items, or credit all items & founders pack via In game mail and so on to all buyers that is the only way to fix this game.

Go to google, do a search about exploits on this game, look at MMORPG, Reddit, this game's reputation is done for the way I see it they only have one choice to resolve it because there is too many complaints and that is to wipe the servers I know some players will not like it, I do not like loosing my level 6 toon although it wasn't that far its unique appearance was perma deleted but I would rather loose everything and be in a game with Zero exploited cheaters and items than in a game with them.

Also check out their own forum about this.

So you rolled back a few hours for an exploit that was abused since closed beta. GJ!!

General Discussion

This game does have potential, but in Perfect World/ Cryptic's Hands it has none, if players want to continue playing it each to their own, but I am done before even getting far into the game they have shown their true colors.


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i hope they ban your main ^^ or whichever has the exploited items

I would have to agree with you.

Also I hope he is booted from Fever based on this:

4.) Hacking, Cheating, Glitching, Exploiting or any other means of enhancing your game play to give you an unfair advantage over others will not be tolerated. If it is consider cheating by the game developers we consider it cheating as well. This also includes using modifications to mis-represent your in game profiles. We have removed many members for this in the past so think twice before you bring that to our community. This has also been expanded to include the selling of accounts/in game items on our website. Trading items legally, such as dota 2 items etc. is still allowed.


sadly there will be exploiters and cheaters in any game. Heck I have seen some within fever in other games.

played eve got tired of the griefers and people like that. Sadly its more and more prevalent everywhere as the world goes down the shitter the way it has been. Punks thinking this kind of stuff is fun or even ok.

SandBox games will always have griefers where it be EVE, DarkFall, or Second Life, and to put it nice sometimes its fun to bite griefers back such as in DarkFall they do asset you do asset 10 fold back its always fun blowing up someones bank in a siege or getting revenge or wasting pirates in EVE who are griefing newbies.

If you actually find someone hacking, exploting, or cheating in a clan then you should likely report it not only to the game developers but to the clan leader as well whoever the leaders are in any clan. Something like a confession, or actual video of hacking, or logs if you have them because if someone gets caught hacking from any clan especially in a MMO wearing any tag it will give that said clan a very bad name and could end up on YouTube for example. Hackusations however are just dumb which usually happens in games like CS, Day Z, Team Fortress, and so on aka stand-a-lone games and private servers played those games in the past a lot every time you turn around in some servers players would call Hacks.

Sometimes in a BETA, or Alpha it is expected that a player will find an accidental Exploit in a game and that is why it is in BETA for a reason, sometimes even after Release you will find bugs, and exploits there is a difference between accidental use of an exploit such as a dupe, without knowledge but once its discovered it should be immediately reported to the developers to be fixed not given away on YouTube so everyone abuse it, and if possible items deleted that you duplicated to keep things fair and not ruin the game.

Personally I am still recommending EVE & Dark Fall, for those who want Sand Box PVP, yes there are griefers and there will always be griefers in Sand Box games but at least the developers actually try to prevent exploiters and so on, in EVE I have not died a single time in High Sec since creating my character again after deleting my old character which I had since like 07 or maybe before.

As for (RMT) In Dark Fall, and EVE You can either spend a lot of Real Life money on ISK, or Items off Third Party Auction sites for DarkFall, or you can simply buy two or three accounts legally and farm up quite a bit of stuff yourself, heck within one month in Dark Fall, I have over $200 USD worth of items in my bank based off gold sellers rates, and have enough to craft like 200+ Mounts. In EVE for example with the right Corp, Boosters, Mining Fleet you can easily make Billions of ISK enough to pretty much pay for all your accounts with Plex for Free so why someone for example in Dark Fall would pay $5 for 8 steed grass for example when they could pay $15 for an extra account and get over 10 times as many in a month is beyond me. Although the Clan Rule says on RMT do not do it on the clan site.

I wish that there were more games that support Legal RMT like Diablo 3, Second Life, APB, Entropia, and so on as long as goods were all legally obtained and offered a way to sell items for Real Money, or even maybe not Real Money but just in game Cash Shop Credits that can be used to buy items from Cash Shop's and so on.

Only thing I hate about RMT, is Bots, and Gold Spammers I never support those.
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