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Apr 16, 2016
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Hello agents,

We’ve been listening closely to The Division community and we’ve decided to work on a free update that focuses on improving the quality of the end-game as well as some core gameplay mechanics. Update 1.4 is now live on all platforms and you’ll find below an overview of the most exciting changes you can expect from it.

If you wish to read the full Update 1.4 Patch Notes, please visit this other News Post.[]


Difficulty scaling has been one of the most talked about topics in our community and one of the most pressing balancing issues we needed to face. To address this problem, we have decided to add 4 World Tiers to the game, in addition to the existing mission levels.

You will be able to choose between World Tiers based on your Gear Score and this will impact the level of all the enemies in your world:
Tier 1: Level 30 NPCs

Tier 2: Level 31 NPCs

Tier 3: Level 32 NPCs

Tier 4: Level 33 NPCs

Learn more about World Tiers.

Another widely argued topic regarding difficulty is the time to kill NPCs. To bring back the feeling of being powerful in the end-game, we’ve decided to reduce the time-to-kill as well as the lethality of the enemies. This should revive the shooter aspect of the game and make it more enjoyable for all players.


Paired with the new difficulty scaling, we simplified the way Gear Scores work. We’re introducing clear Gear Score milestones once you’re fully decked out in 163, 182, 204 or 229 gear. We also aligned the Gear Set items scores with High-End ones. 229 is now the highest available Gear Score a player can reach.

Of course, all the gear you already own is not lost. It is simply brought to scale following the pattern below:
191 gear will all be made into Gear Score 163

214 to 182

240 to 204

268 to 229
To make your progression more linear, the gear you find in a World Tier will always be relevant to your Gear Score following this rule:
Tier 1: Gear Score 163 rewards

Tier 2: Gear Score 182 rewards

Tier 3: Gear Score 204 rewards

Tier 4: Gear Score 229 rewards

Loot is a core part of end-game. That is why we’ve decided to rebalance all items so that players can find more variety when building their character.

In addition to these global changes, we’ve focused on three specific Gear Sets: FireCrest and Path of the Nomad have been reworked to be more appealing to players. As for the B.L.I.N.D. set, it has been completely repurposed for PvP and is now called Banshee. The latter should particularly appeal to Dark Zone agents as its bonuses are now based on the Rogue mechanic.

In order to make weapons and combat feel much more satisfying and varied compared to 1.3, we’ve modified how weapons and weapon mods work in the game. We’ve also tweaked the formula to calculate weapon DPS, which will provide more variety and will really let agents decide what type of weapon they want to carry.

Learn more about Character Balancing.


Before Update 1.4, if you were at max level, your XP would basically go to waste. With 1.4, we’re adding a feature that’s called Field Proficiency: all the XP that you earn after level 30 will go into a new progression bar. Once it’s full, you’ll be awarded with a Sealed Cache which will give you random items scaled to your Gear Score and some Phoenix Credits. This Field Proficiency system is not the only way to get those Sealed Caches: they are also given out for daily and weekly assignments.

Learn more about the Hunt for Loot.


The possibility to check your stats and to share them with your friends is something the community has been asking for a long time. With Update 1.4, we took the time to develop a new tool called Player Profile[] to do exactly that.
Starting today, you can now access the main gameplay stats of any player, check game server status at a glance and share your profile on social media!
(Please note that Gear Score is not yet available on Player Profile pages but will be added in a future update).

Once again, these are only a few of the many improvements that you can expect from Update 1.4. Rest assured that we will continue to improve on the core experience of The Division with Survival and Last Stand.

To read the full Patch Notes, please visit this News Post.[]

- The Division Team.​


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May 12, 2016
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Just started up again as well, on PS4.. in tier 2 and leveling a 2nd toon(16-17ish)
Robilar on PSN


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May 4, 2015
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This is an interesting patch, indeed.
If I would just have a bit more time, I would definitely get into it more again.

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