Tales from the Borderlands will share Episode 4 with PAX Prime audience (1 Viewer)

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Apr 29, 2013
Tales from the Borderlands has ended on quite a cliffhanger over the past couple of episodes. Not to mention that there doesn't seem to be a lot of hint as to how Rhys and Fiona have ended up in their current predicament that kicked off the entire game. Perhaps some answers will come from the game's next episode, Escape Plan Bravo. There may not be a release date at the moment, but that's not stopping Telltale from offering a full live playthrough for attendees of this year's PAX Prime.
Saturday, August 29 at 8:30PM PT will see the Wyvern Theater in Seattle open its doors to 500 audience members. They will all watch a special playthrough of Tales from the Borderlands' fourth episode with the Telltale staff and the cast of the game. On top of that, all 500 audience members able to help influence any decisions made.
It's unlikely that this event will be broadcast, but it's a fun little something for anyone hitting PAX Prime this year. As for when the public when get a chance at Escape Plan Bravo, expect that information in the weeks ahead. It couldn't come a moment sooner, since there are still some major questions begging to be answered.


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