Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's Falke Swings a Mighty Pole Next Week (1 Viewer)

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Apr 29, 2013
The next piece of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's third season of fighters is set to arrive in the next week. Sakura and Blanka have already debuted, but now comes an all-new fighter to the franchise. Coming in with her own Psycho Power, it's Falke.
Falke is no mere Doll, like Cammy or Decapre. She was built to be a straight-up clone of M. Bison himself, shaped into a fighter through intense Shadaloo experimentation. She fights with her staff that she calls Harmony, infusing it with Psycho Power and releasing it towards her opponents.

That makes Falke a ranged fighter, with players able to hold a punch button to charge her Psycho Power. Releasing the punch button fires off a projectile, either straight at her opponent, towards her opponent from the air, or at her opponent's feet for a quick sweep. Her Psycho Trombe V-Skill uses Harmony to either hit for a quick combo or absorb incoming projectiles.
Falke's V-Trigger I powers up Harmony and also grants her the Psycho Shrot move, an enhanced version of her charged Psycho shots. Her V-Trigger II sees her twirl Harmony and launch her opponent skyward, opening them up to follow-up combos. She also gets the Psycho Strum move, which is a clubbing swing of Harmony that can be extended into greater combos.
A number of these moves can set up Valke's Critical Art, which launches her opponent in the air and concludes with her bopping them over the head.

More details on Falke's arsenal can be found on Capcom-Unity. Look for her to hit Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on Tuesday, April 24. She'll go for $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money or come as part of the Season 3 Character Pass.


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