Some of my cute pet videos!!! Share your pet vids!!! (1 Viewer)


Aug 24, 2015
Brooklyn, NY
Decided to upload some of my piggie videos to my youtube(many more to come in the future). Check out the adorable piggies. If you have videos of your pets please do share em... Who doesn't like to procrastinate from doing work by watching funny cute animals??!

My baby Nibbles almost doing a back flip.

Just chattin with my piggie Coradina "Cora".

Picked up Coradina "Cora" from the shelter and this is a little clip of her first day home.


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May 4, 2015
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Oh good lord... reminds me of my old guinea pig "Merry" 15 years ago.
Nice vids there [MENTION=54504]FealtyGaming[/MENTION].
Don't have my own pet right now... but I guess, I'll have my wife to it sooner it later... better soon :D

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