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Jan 30, 2017
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To be accurate I have attempted to play WoW several times now but I kept losing interest because I was alone in all my grinding n stuff so it got pretty boring. Seeing as how my interest in Starcraft 2 has gone way up due to just having people to talk to because of the clan I figured it might work pretty well with WoW.

I suppose what I should ask is where would I be going? I would imagine Mal'ganis since it's mentioned in the forums but it never hurts to ask right? XD

Also since I never really got too much advise on what classes do at some point I'm sure I'll ask around about other classes as the only class I plan on making right now would be priest since it was the only one I tried learning on my own, though I guess time will tell if I find what class/role I actually wish to fill.


Apr 29, 2016
Hey there~

I'm always glad to see new people willing to join us - and hopefully we can keep you entertained :pㅤ Well, it is correct that our server is Mal'Ganis (US), so you can just jump right into that - and once you made a character, just post your char's name here and either me or one of the officers will shoot you an invite to our guild :)
Though to be fair, I can't guarantee you that there's gonna be people to level a character with you to 110... that grind you probably gotta do on your own. After that, it's a mix of running dungeons & worldquests on your own and running them with us and join us in the raids, if you like (and one you reach a certain itemlevel~).

Regarding the classes... well, what do you generally like to play? Melee, ranged, do you want to DPS, heal or tank, etc. Or do you like summon stuff/have pets, stealth around.. and so on~

When I started playing Legion, I wanted to play a DPS-class and just checked which classes were the highest in the latest rankings (easy to find on youtube as well) and then digged through that to see which classes sounded interesting. But, when creating a character, you can also choose Class Trial and dive right into the Legion content with a Level 100 character of your choice, just to test them out and see how you like the combat and stuffs with having access to pretty much all of your skills for a while.
From being a tank in every MMO ive played now, WoW Tanking is one of the easiest to jump into now, since all tank rotations are 4-5 button attack skills, and a handful of defensive skills to keep you alive
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