So Ahri, Karthus and a Stranger walk into a Mid-Laner. (1 Viewer)


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May 26, 2015
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Who is the stranger?

I was looking at characters which supplement team composition and cover each others' weaknesses in lane.

Karthus checks hyper-aggressive lvl3+ characters such as katarina and fizz.

Ahri checks characters that just wanna sit back and level.

Karthus checks teamcomps where we lack damage in the midgame.

Ahri checks teamcomps where we lack initiation or an assassin or where the enemy team has multiple assassins.


I feel like there must be a character which fills other situations, because there are still teamcomps against which I simply get destroyed.

The situations where I get destroyed tend to be ones where two boxes are checked:

1) They have a large amount of pick-off potential.

2) We have very little counter-initiation.

I find that, in these situations, my team suffers a loss of either myself or several others because the enemy team will siege until we are found out of position (which happens a lot in gold/plat).

Any leads?

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