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Mar 24, 2020
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User name: SNiTpickle
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Game(s) you play: ESO and any other elder scrolls game. Modern Warfare, Dragon age series, AOE, and what ever i come across that looks good
Current In-Game Username(s) you would like to share: ESO - Sorventus
Do you have a Mic and Discord: Yes
What is your Discord username and #?: Snitpickle
Do you have a account?: No
Do you use Twitch?: No
How did you find us?: Search Engine
Have you been in FeverClan before?: No
Does anyone else use your computer?: Yes
Do you understand that you will still be held accountable for any actions by anyone who uses your computer?: Yes
Skills or Traits you want to share: I've always played healers in MMORPGs but I'm branching into tanking too so i can always be of help. I'm also always down to play a new game with people that need some one to play with
Why should we allow you into our Mature Community?: I'm 30 years old and been gaming for at least two thirds of that. I'm chill and don't go on typing rants when I'm offended by stuff. But also understand when some one is being offensive and abusive and know that those situations should be addressed. All and all, I'm looking for a fun and relaxed gaming community to enjoy and find some new friends.

Approved by: John_Smith
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