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"Live with sincerity" is Natsuki Taiyou's motto. It's first day of high school and as Taiyou heads to school, he sees a girl named Hinata. He falls in love with her at first-sight and suddenly confesses to her. She accepts his confession but then runs away without saying who she is. Later, it turns she is Taiyou's classmate. Taiyou feels like there is some sort of destiny between them; however, the next day, she doesn't even remember who he is. How can that be...?
Chapters: 20

The thing I liked the most was the comedy and romance combination because it did a great job, where it needed to funny and where it need to be serious. It didn't have any fillers(I'm looking at you nisekoi) making it short. The main characters really did develop well, but until the end where it was rushed and side characters had little to no development as well. I would recommend if like romance, comedy and straight to the point mangas.

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