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Apr 5, 2013
Hope it isn't retarded. I know most of the people there, but we'll see.


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Apr 5, 2013
Terrible. I stayed for 30 minutes and regret that.

So I guess I shouldn't say it was terrible to begin with. I walk in, and expect 3-4 people. I see around 25-30. Not that bad for a school in which I thought was mostly Westernized. So I see a few of my friends and they pretty much know how I like Anime, and they have a bit of a difference, but to each their own and we get along great when it comes to Anime.

Well, the first thing we do is signed our name on this Flyer to get a count of who showed, and if you wanted, pick a Anime character to match your name. Whatever I guess. I didn't pick any, but the three people who started the group...this is where I got hit by disappointment. They picked Asuna, Kirito, and the little fucking fairy girl thats their "Daughter."

Not only that, but after picking their shit names, around 10 people straight walk out. I wanted to, but I was going to give it a little more hope. We go to watch an Opening and we have to guess what it is. Okay, cool. We get to see how much knowledge people have on openings(Or memory, whatever).

NA. All three were SAO. I've never had such a look on my face when they said the answers. These three people organized a group, expecting a small amount of people to come, and only watched two or four anime? You've gotta be fucking kidding me.

We did a little circle and got to know each other. Basically everyone there was like "New comers" to Anime, seeing as they've only seen around 10-15 Anime, and it's whatever, they had a pretty good "Why?" for when they got asked what their favorite was(Being they were knew.)

BUT, when it came to me and I said I've seen like 300-350 Anime, they just got this look on their face like "Do you have no fucking life?" I didn't feel emberassed, but honestly the three people were just idiots.

After that I pretty much grabbed my shit and went to leave, but all three of them insisted I stayed and asked why I was leaving. Pretty much said this wasn't the group I was expecting and left.

TL;DR Shit club, shitty leaders, and hope in Anime failed.


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Jun 25, 2012
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If I had started hanging with you guys with this level of tolerance, I probably wouldn't be around anymore. Of course, as a counterpoint, I can always just turn you off.

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