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May 21, 2019
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Hey everybody,

This is funny to me. Probably only me :) In regards to recruiting to the Clan.
Since playing WoW for hundreds of years, it felt like, I had experienced the absolute worse of gamers. With that in mind, I gravitated to D3 to escape the bullshit in WoW that was in "no way" being contained by Blizzard. It appeared to me that they were fostering it, or at the very least turning their heads away from the effects on the game. In Ultima Online you could just kill the players and loot all of their shit and be done with it. If you wanted to chat with the victim, you had to have ICQ and both parties had to be able to communicate feelings at that particular time. Lots of pissed players there. But, Origin Online built that element into the game. You knew that every single time you logged on a PK could loot your shit and then loot your house, etc. With Blizzard they left it possible for people to screw you with the mechanics of the game or with the attitudes of players that knew of no consequences due to their anonymity of the internet. With the attitudes of a lot people in gaming, and the never ending drama by-product, I found it much easier on my adrenals to avoid people gaming. It does appear that in D3 people join "clans" and want to get into the social aspect of the game. Not the "join a guild, get all the gear and leave the guild" aspect. This is a good thing.
Subject of my post here:
In all the years with the existence of Fever, how has the guild/clan been able to recruit talented, congenial, dependable, players to the Clan? I have no RL friends that game and in the rare occasion I have PUG'd it, the players never talk and just come and go from the group without a peep. I am just curious how all of the clanspeople have achieved this! Do you just take a chance on the choice of players or ? . Very fine point of my post here: How do you get great players that fit, into the clan? This does not apply to D3 alone! I would imagine that the pure assholes get weeded out and there is a substantial turnover. Not having an expansion for years in D3 contributes in some way, at least from my perspective.


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Oct 23, 2017
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My quick take on this, something tested many times on multiple different games from Diablo 2, WoW, D3 etc
  • Play with group of clan members and have 1-2 non clan members to fill. Behave well, be helpful, not angry and explain stuff if they do not know. You will soon know if they are a good fit and more often than not they will ask about joining your clan if you play with them multiple times.
  • Talk to people, form connections. treat others as people, not bots just playing with you.
  • Build good reputation of good, fast runs. display knowledge in non-smug way.
  • if people think they can join your clan and improve themselves without being treated in abusive manner, then you should not have much trouble on getting people to join.
  • Stick to your rules and get rid of toxic players quick if any of those get in somehow


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Dec 7, 2017
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yeah, i think the biggest thing is they eliminate toxic players, which is good for most games. I definitely stuck around because of that.

D3 on the whole has a fairly nice community though. i think it is because it attracts an older clientele simply due to nostalgia.

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