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New Member
Mar 26, 2020
User name: Razza
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Game(s) you play: Diablo 3
Current In-Game Username(s) you would like to share: Razza
Do you have a Mic and Discord: Yes
What is your Discord username and #?: Razza#5908
Do you have a account?: Yes name and #: Razza#1682
Do you use Twitch?: No
How did you find us?: Website Forum
Which website forum?: Reddit
Have you been in FeverClan before?: No
Does anyone else use your computer?: Yes
Do you understand that you will still be held accountable for any actions by anyone who uses your computer?: Yes
Why should we allow you into our Mature Community?: I'm a pretty casual D3 player just getting back into it, looking for people to play with.


Clan Officer
Feb 8, 2020
Austin, TX
Clan Rank
2nd Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant
Thank you for your interest in joining Fever Clan. If you can join an interview room on the discord an officer will be with you shortly.


Clan General
Jan 26, 2018
Lincoln NE
Clan Rank
Lt. General
Lt. General
Razza Welcome to Fever. I see you listed D3 as a game you like to enjoy playing. D3 has game nights on Tues/Thur/Sat and some events in April and May on Saturdays (check the calendar). Come join anytime/day in Discord and get in a group and complete your seasonal objectives.
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