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Oct 14, 2019
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Hello everyone! Today I'd like to pay lip service to three games I've played from a little known game company based in Taiwan: Rayark Inc.

They've been around since the early 2010's and have released some very interesting, fun games since then. What I find the most notable is the level of quality and polish they've put into their mobile games, which make up over half their roster. In a day and age where companies put out whatever mediocre shlock they can to pinch some pennies (and, let's be honest, much more than that at times), Rayark has been committed to making quality games with deep stories, interesting and varied characters, and unique game play experiences.

Of the games they've put out, I'd like to highlight three series that I've played a lot of and believe are some of their best work so far:


"Rayark’s third rhythm game. It features falling notes on a shifting rail, creating brand new patterns. The bright and cheerful visuals mix with beating rhythms to create a musical sensation unlike any other. The story follows 6 teenagers from Lankong Village, partaking on a youth filled adventure surrounding a musical dream."

Fun fact: This was actually one of the first games offered on the Nintendo Switch store from day 1, and is still available for purchase to this day. What makes this game interesting is Rayark's use of visual art design to react to the music as you play, with the higher difficulty charts becoming pure chaos. The story for VOEZ is probably the weakest out of the three, but I still think it's worth picking up just for the sheer visual experience combined with a lot of solid music tracks.

The game is currently available for purchase on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. I recommend the Switch version over the others, if you can, as the one-time $25 purchase gets you all the songs, as opposed to the mobile versions which require purchasing the songs in micro-transaction packs. Game play examples can be found here.


"Deemo is a rhythm game featuring soothing piano songs, the notes of which tell a heartwarming tale. Gameplay consists of tapping fast falling keys, to make the players feel as if they are behind an actual piano. With rich story elements and quest-like interactions, players will immerse themselves in a modern day fairytale."

This was the first of Rayark's games I played, and I instantly fell in love with it. With 250+ songs from various genres that incorporate piano in one way or another, combined with a very touching story, it's an amazing game that you can get a tremendous amount of mileage out of.

The original game is currently available for purchase on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. Like VOEZ, if you have a Switch I recommend picking up that version for the same reasons. Game play examples can be found here.

A remake, DEEMO-Reborn-, is also currently available for PS4. It's a complete remake of the original in 3D with a VR mode. As of this post I haven't picked it up to play, but so far it's gotten pretty good reviews. Game play examples can be found here.

A sequel, DEEMO II, is also in the works (as of this post).


"Rayark’s first rhythm game. Featuring a straight forward gameplay, players must follow the rhythm and tap the notes as they come in contact with the Active Scan Line. The visuals feature a hand-drawn style, with many Japanese artists producing music for the game. The enriching presentation in both sound and looks made Cytus the proud embodiment of the then burgeoning Rayark."

Despite being their first game series, I believe the Cytus series is the best they've put out so far. Both Cytus 1 & 2 implement a unique style of rhythm game play that will be familiar to those who have played osu!. However, what truly sets them apart is their story and characters. The first game is very good at setting up a deep story that gets revealed in pieces as the player progresses, whereas the second game continues that story, but takes on a much more character-focused method of telling it. They are the only two games I've found that have blended story and rhythm game play so well together, while also retaining the wide variety of music and genres to keep you interested.

The original game is currently available on iOS and Android. Game play examples can be found here.

A remake of the original, Cytus Alpha, is also currently available for the Nintendo Switch. Much like DEEMO-Reborn-, this is a complete remake of the original from the ground up with all the DLC included in a one-time purchase. Much like Rayark's other games, I recommend this version over the original versions on mobile. Game play examples can be found here.

The sequel is currently available on iOS and Android. As of right now, there is no Switch port, and it is unclear whether Rayark will make one. If you do invest in this game, be aware that there is a lot of in-app purchases that many would consider far too overpriced (I am not one of them, but YMMV). Game play examples can be found here.


Anyway, that's enough corporate shilling for one day for me. Let me know if you guys get into these games, are already into them, or have any other questions or comments about this!

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