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May 22, 2015
**********Read All INFO Here To Learn How To JOIN/PLAY**********

**BattleEye Not Required**

***Will be adding videos showcasing our server and things it offers soon!***

Server Name= Oaktree PVE Modded
(just copy/paste in search if I'm not on to invite you)

We have moved over to The Island map now. The map will be staying on The Island due to mod issues/map issues on The Center.

Hey guys I have decided to start running a server again. Since they released the center and a bunch of other things its like a brand new game again. I am running a pve only friendly server with 3x EXP, 3x Gather, 10x Taming, 5x Baby mature, player can level up to 250 and dinos can level 120+ times. (may adjust this later depending how good/bad it goes) For those who are interested in PVP you may create your own tribe and go to war with another tribe on the server if they also wish to PVP. This enables a much better PVP friendly alternative since both would be consenting parties. The server has been running since 05/19/16. We currently only have 10 slots available but can expand if there is a demand for it. The server is currently hosted in North Carolina by Survival Servers. Server will automatically restart roughly at 7:20 (GMT-6 with notifications in advance) I believe this would be 9:20am est. (lately server seems to reboot around 1020am est) This is a rough time estimate, the time the server restarts could be a few minutes after these times. The world will save before it shuts down for a restart. During this time it will automatically update the server and mods to the latest version. During these automated restarts it could take up to 20 or 30 minutes. I will update this thread as stuff changes.

-No Trolling
-Be nice to others. If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all =)
-Have fun!
-Play Nice were here to have fun :sneakiness:

Here is the list of mods I am using on the server
Admin Command Menu (ACM) V2.4.3
Steam Workshop :: Admin Command Menu (ACM) V2.4.3

Advanced Architecture Mod
-This adds a bunch of new structures,decorations for building castles and bridges etc

Ark Fog Remover
-This mod removes fog from the area when powered so you can actually see.

Armored Storage Stands (V.1)
-This adds Weapon, Armor, & Ammo stands to the game which look nice and function like a Vault.

Auto Torch
-Torch & Wall torch that turn on/off during day/night and require no resource to burn (use the one with timer)

Building Xtras (200 + Buildables)
-This adds lots of new items to the game to build from fishtanks, modern furniture, Statues, etc. Very cool mod for PVE Building

Homing Pigeon
-Place the Banner in your yard and the pigeon ring on your flier. If you die while flying the flier will return to the banner.

Jurassic Ark
-Giant Electric Fence/gate from the movie. Very good for keeping Gigas out.

Kronos' Trade Center v1.20 (WIP)
-This adds currency to the game called Knots. They look like little pebbles. You can buy & sell resources here so if you have tons of extra wood you could sell it to buy stone or any other resource. It's setup at our Trade post/Crafting Center.

Pet Cemetary
Steam Workshop :: Pet Cemetery
-This adds grave markers you can place for your favorite pets you have lost.

Pub Mod
-This mod allows you to setup a Tavern. It comes with beer mugs and all!

Rawr Stacks Mod
-Stacking mod. 1000 wood, 200 meat, 100 prime meat, 5000 berries, 5000, thatch, 10000 chiting/keratin, 100 oil, 1000 crystal, 100 gas, 100 spark powder, (will add the others once I remember them ^_^ )

Reusable Grappling Hook
-Grappling hook but REUSABLE!

Stargate Atlantis
-This allows you to place a stargate where you want just like in the tv show and it works as a portal device to get around the island much easier. Currently have Public portals setup at every above ground cave entrance, Volcano, beaver dam locations, couple underwater caves for pearls/oil, Trade Post/Crafting Center, & Red-Blue-&Green obelisk.
-It also has teleporter rings you can use as an elevator to go Vertical & horizontal.
-Do not recommend using Stargate Shield as it kills anyone inlcuding you who goes through while turned on.

Utility Saddles
-This adds a bunch of saddle attachments to the game. There are simple attachments such as Weight, Speed, Health, Stamina, & Melee. You can only attach one and they increase that one stat. There are also role version attachments (major attachments) like Scout, Marauder, & Tank. Scout basically makes your mount very fast and buffs stamina way up however it balances it by reducing your health and melee dmg by a lot as well as carryweight. Marauder boosts your stamina, health, and melee damage but vastly reduces carryweight and speed. Haven't used tank yet so not sure what all it effects.

Xtreme Bundle Pack 3.0 (Now with admin rifle and Armor!)
-This adds starting bundles to the server such as Starter kit, Base Starter Kit, & Boat Starter Kit. The base/boat kits are made of wood & come with smithy, refining forge, mortar & pestle, bed and some storage chests. Your starter kit comes with full chitin armor, metal hatchet/pick/scythe, 50 narcotics, 50 stone arrows, crossbow, pike. This just makes it much easier getting started out. It's not game breaking since the stuff isn't mid or late gate. Just helps you skip past the thatch home stage/cloth armor stage basically.

Death Helper
-This mod allows you to craft a corpse finder so if you or your dino dies you can find your body/loot cache. If you are in a tribe you will see tribemates bodies as well. This mod also helps fix glitched bodies that fall through the world. (This happens way more often than it should)

Meat Spoiler
-This mod spoils meat faster and plays a little tune while doing it. (May disable the music it plays depending on if people find it irritating)

-This mod adds various bridges to the game to build. There are some current minor issues such as being able to extend the bridge past rendering range causing you to fall through the bridge your trying to place so be careful.

-This mod adds a bunch of plants, trees, rocks, crystals, & other landscaping items to the game that you can craft/place around your house both inside & out. Can create your own garden paradise with this.

:read:**In order to play on our server please follow these steps!**

Step 1:
You will need to go to the steam workshop and download all the mods the server is using before attempting to log on the server, otherwise you will just get timeout errors and other issues that still haven't been fixed due to Ark's glitchy server lobby
~Approximate total size for mods is about 1.2gb~

*To do this left click on Ark Surival in your games library once.
*In middle of screen click on Browse The Workshop.
*Once the workshop screen has loaded you will see 4 Categories on the banner. They are Home, Browse, Discussions, About. HOVER over Browse and select Collections by left clicking it.
*On the right side of the screen you will see a search field. It should say Search ARK Survival Evolved. Left click here and type in Oaktree Server then hit enter.
*This will bring up the collection of mods used on Oaktree server left click on it
*Left click on the Subscribe to all button. I also recommend favoring the collection in case I add more to the server later. This will make it much easier installing the mods needed for the server.
*Wait untill all mods have finished installing before launching ark survival and trying to connect

Step 2:
*Once all your mods have finished installing look on the main menu select Join ARK
*In the bottom left you will see server filter left click that box and select Unofficial Server
*In the top is a field called Server Name Filter type in Oaktree PVE Modded (Do not hit enter just once finished typing let it sit)
*Wait for it to bring up the server... Due to how bad Ark Survivals server lobby is this could take from 5 minutes to 10 minutes for it to locate the server. Part of this is because there are over 40.7k Unofficial servers for ark survival. When waiting I do not recommend alt tabbing just let it sit as it is very finicky and can cause it to not work if you do.

If I am online I highly recommend just getting a hold of me on steam as it is far easier to join the server if I invite you than searching for it. My Steam name is Gorebane44. I am almost always on steam when I am on my computer which is also almost always. Once you are able to connect to the server and make a character your set. From then on to find the server change the Server filter (that you set to unofficial) to My Survivors and you will see the server if its up. If you have any questions feel free to ask here or in steam. Hopefully this is a good enough guide =).
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Oct 1, 2015
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bumping the thread to let everyone know im alive and also saying those of you that got ark come play on the server it is very nice


May 22, 2015
Just tamed my first Giga ever. Was extremly frustrating / difficult getting it trapped. After 3 deaths and 2 very close calls of losing my teradon I finally got one =). It was a level 70 giga.


May 22, 2015
We are currently playing on The Island and I now have public stargates up for the Obelisks, Tradepost/crafting center, & resource gathering areas. I will be placing additional stargates for cave entrances soon as well.


Sep 26, 2015
How often do you switch between maps?


May 22, 2015
Not to often. To give you an idea we stayed on the center for about 3 weeks before making the switch. We will be staying on the island for at least a month maybe more. Reason we switch between the two is to be able to explore the content of both. The new biomes coming soon to The Island and ruins is main reason we switched back. Currently we are trying to get established on there.


Oct 17, 2015
New Mexico
as soon as ark is reinstalled, i should be on


Jun 18, 2016
How many active players are there? And euhm is it mostly US players, with the time frame and all we've got here in the EU.


May 22, 2015
There is currently a total of 7 people on the server however only about 2 or 3 of us are active on it. We currently have one british person Troncmaster but he hasn't been on in a while. I am on every day about usually at around 1pm eastern to sometimes 5 to 7am eastern time zone. It's a good server if you like pve and building as a lot of the mods have tons of stuff to build with. If you want to add me on steam you can it's Gorebane44. If you do add me just let me know your a fever member if your name's different. Also if you do find another server you can still join us in TS in the ark channel as theres usually couple people in there =).

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