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Sep 14, 2017
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This is the current PTR set up for the newest HotS patch. This patch went on PTR on September 18 and everything is subject to change.

Important change 1: Anna's release

Anna is a new long ranged support from the Overwatch universe. She excels at keeping her team up on health and giving the enemy healer a hard time. She, however, lacks self-healing due to the nature of her healing abilities and is reliant on skillshots to heal her team. Here's a run down of her skills.

Healing Dart (Q): Anna fires a dart from her rifle, healing for 250 (450 at lvl 20). This dart is a skill shot with decent range.

Biotic Grenade (W): Anna throws a grenade that deals 60 (108 at lvl 20) damage to enemies in an area and negating all healing on them for 2 seconds. Allies caught in the blast radius are healed for 175 (315 at lvl 20) and increase all healing they receive by 25% for 4 seconds. The grenade is a aoe effect with a very short travel time.

Sleep Dart (E): Anna fires a sleep dart from her sidearm, placing the first enemy hero hit to sleep for 3 seconds (acts like a stun). If the slept enemy takes damage .5 seconds after being hit, the sleep status is immediately cleansed from them. Sleep Dart is a skillshot with decent range.

Nano Boost (H1): Anna injects a ally with nanobytes, restoring a large portion of mana and giving them 30% increased spell power for 8 seconds. During this 8 seconds, all cooldowns on the boosted target recharge 150% faster (50% cooldown reduction). Nano Boost as a shorter range, but is not a skillshot.

Eye of Horus (H2): Anna preps herself to start sniping, each shot healing allies for 300 (540 at lvl 20) or damaging enemies for 175 (315 at lvl 20). Anna can not move and only has 8 total shots while Eye of Horus is active. Each shot has global range and applies it's effect to the first hero stuck (whether ally or enemy).

Important Change 2: Johanna Rework

Johanna's Talents have been moved around and changed, with new talents being added (and the removal of Regeneration Master, Righteous Smash, The Crusade Marches On, Burning Rage and Storm Shield). Additionally, Johanna's first heroic option (Falling Sword) now slows enemies hit by 50% for 2.5 seconds.

Other Changes

Nova has small buffs to a few of her talents and her Holo Decoy has it's sight range increased
Kharazim has buffs to a few of his healing talents
Rehgar's Q (Chain Heal) heals targets of the bounce effect for more
Global Mount abilities now only have a 10 seconds cooldown if interrupted and the game pings when they are used

Nova lost the Remote Delivery talent
Kharazim's W (Breath of Heaven) has it's mana cost and cooldown increased.
Rehgar's Q (Chain Heal) Heals the primary target for less and had it's casting ranged and number of bounces per cast decrease.

Hope this post was helpful to you guys and feel free to discuss the changes. Do you think Anna will be a strong solo healer? Or is her skillshot orientation to much? Are the Johanna changes needed? Will Falling Sword finally beat Blessed Shield? How will the balance changes effect Kharazim and Rehgar's roles in the meta? Do you think we'll see more Nova's from this patch? And how awesome are the global mount changes?

Note: All math on Anna's abilities is based on the 4% scaling that Blizzard uses and my personal math, I have not actually seen the numbers at lvl 20

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