PSA: Be Patient for 2 Weeks = 5k Gold (1 Viewer)


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Apr 4, 2014
Indianapolis, IN
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I know the new heroes are shiny, but just wait the 2 weeks and buy them for 10k.

Besides, everyone will be queueing the new guy, so you will get shorter wait times if you pick off-rotation heroes.

What do you guys think? I know I'm usually strapped for in game currency, so the 5k saved from patience adds up.

That all said, no one really wants to open their fancy new Xmas present in January.


Aug 24, 2015
The problem usually is that when OP heroes come out by the time they hit 10k gold they have been balanced out. 5K gold for 2 weeks of annihilation? If you have a perma stimpack could be worth it.

And I'm also guessing most Li-Ming purchases have been made with real money as her real money price will be the same even at 10k gold. She costs about 2 hours worth of my work so hella noe. xD


Jan 26, 2016
I bought her on the ptr before she was released.

But I really needed a mage I liked on my roster. KT is ok, but I don't particularly LOVE playing him and I'm not really a fan of Jaina.

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