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Apr 11, 2014
Houston Texas
Sorry, wasnt sure where to post this so hopefully its the right spot.. about 2 weeks ago my ps4 stopped connecting to the servers.. meaning I can no longer stream content, and had to miss out on a couple events in game =/. I looked online to see what the error was but not many people have any solutions for it.

The error code is : CE-34861-2

I messed with the router, and even port forwarded/ assigned a static IP (since I switch connections between my laptop and ps4) to prevent network confusion, but nothing has worked so far. The router IS running an ipv6 instead of 4 connection however.. but I cant mess with that until two weeks from now. Just wanted to know if anyone had any fixes for this, or should I just send it back to sony?

Thanks for the help!

Oh! its comcast btw. my internet provider.

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