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What are some of the songs you would never listen to in front of your friends? Songs you know doesn't fit your usual taste in music but you can't help but like it and listen to it. I myself am a metal head, but I do enjoy all genres of music, except country music. We won't judge! :D



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May 4, 2015
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In one room
I look at the stars in the windows
Look at them
If you want even from the sky
You're there in Tambov
Well, I miss in Chechnya
Look at them
Look, I die

Cute green eyes
A jewel of a tear in the eyes
I do not forget I have them never
You come to me my dream

Maybe you
As I met there
You find me
And when the meeting will tell me
As I waited
As you are looking at the stars
How to find me
As I sobbed with joy

Cute green eyes
A jewel of a tear in the eyes
I do not forget I have them never
You come to me my love

Cute green eyes
A jewel of a tear in the eyes
I do not forget I have them never
You come to me my dream
Translation isn't from me but my wife.
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