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Jan 3, 2013
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Hello and welcome to the Imagineering team forum game pre-alpha testing. In this guide we will try to explain the entire system and mechanichs of the forum game we developed. Being a forum game entirety of the game is being played on forums. More in depth in the text bellow.

There are 3 starting classes Warrior, Ranger and Wizard and they each have a set of 5 spells. When player choses the avatar he wanna play he must choose 4 active skills. One of the five skills is considered ultimate ability Warrior – Volcano strike, Ranger – Unleash the hounds, Wizard – Realm of elements. Once you choose your spell you can't change them back untill the season ends, being this is pre-alpha testing you will be able to change them but you will need to notify the leads.

In the sticky threads you will find 2 examples of battle and how does it go on.
To roll simply write this in your post. [roll]d20[/roll.] (without the ".")

General rules

• One starting avatar per person

• Members challenge each other by making a thread, which thread will also be used for the battle. In the thread you must state your charachter name and class along with 4 chosen spells

• The challenger will always play second. If the opponent has multiple avatar, the challenger chooses which one they play against

• If someone doesn't respond to a challenge within three days, they concede

• There will be a thread listing people who are currently unavailable to play as to prevent conceding

• If someone is listed as unavailable for too long, they will start losing points. That is to avoid people being on the away list in order to save their spot in the rankings

• Once a battle starts, there has to be a reply on the thread at least every 7 days. Whoever doesn't reply within 7 days, concedes

• Someone can challenge others of their own or higher tier

• Someone can have up to 3 ongoing battles at a time

• If you defeat someone of a lower tier, you earn 10 points. If you defeat someone of the same tier, you earn 20 points. If you defeat someone of a higher tier, you earn 30 points

• There will be a pool of 5 skills, out of which someone must choose 4 for their avatar. You can respec freely once a month

• Betting will be allowed for "The Pit" tier, which is a 0 point tier

• There will be a grace period for someone who climbs tier, in order for them not to get immediately dropped again due to a bad result. Losses within the grace period still lower the points down to the minimum of that tier, but simply prevent demotion. The "Ascension" tier has a grace period of 3 games. The "Grand Arena" tier has a grace period of 2 games

• There is a No-Decimal rule for all values that will be used in the game

• For now, all the classes start with 100 Health Points and 100 resource points

• Every turn that an ability is not used, you regenerate 10 resource

• A roll of a 20 face die, or D20 will be used to determine the outcome of a variety of skills - [roll]1d20[/roll.] (without the ".") this is what you need to write on forums so that you get random dice roll.

• Each avatar can carry one item of armor. The Wizard and the Ranger can also carry one weapon. The Warrior has the option to carry a two handed weapon, or a weapon and a shield

• There are 3 damage tiers for skills. Low is 0-10 damage. Medium is 11-15 damage. High is 15+ damage

• There might be a monthly tournament open for all tiers to participate



Skills - The Warrior uses Rage as a source for their skills

7DMG + WPN DMG. On a roll of 17 or higher on a D20, the enemy is stunned for 1 round.
20 Rage

Gain 20 Rage. Reduce DMG taken by 40% next round.

Hack And Slash
On a roll of 6 or higher on a D20, does double weapon damage.
20 Rage

5DMG + WPN DMG. On a roll of 9 or higher on a D20, the enemy is stunned for 1 round. Lose 7 defense on the opponents next attack. You can avoid the defence debuff if a 19 or higher was rolled.
20 Rage

Volcano Strike
Prerequisite: Has spent 50 Rage in the game.
20DMG + WPN DMG. Dot Effect for the next 2 rounds: First DoT does 6DMG, second DoT does 3DMG.
60 Rage


Skills - The Ranger uses Energy as a source for their skills

10DMG + WPN DMG. Roll a D20. On a roll of 17 or higher, ignores all armor. On 16 or lower, ignore 50% of armor, rounded up.
20 Energy

Nature's Gaze
Remove all current debuffs from self, and reduce damage taken by 50% for one turn.
30 Energy

10DMG + WPN DMG. Low Damage. On a roll of 19 or higher, damage is set to High. Apply debuff to opponent's next roll by -5.
25 Energy

Disabling Trap
10DMG + WPN DMG. On a roll of 11 or higher, lower opponent's next overall roll by -10. On a roll of 19 or higher, completely Stuns the opponent for the next round.
35 Energy

Unleash the Hounds
15DMG + WPN DMG. Dot effect for the next 2 rounds. 4DMG on the first round, and 2DMG on second round. Lower opponent's roll by -5 for the next 2 rounds
50 Energy


Skills - The Wizard uses Mana as a source for their skills

Force Shield
Reduces damage taken by 50% for the next 2 turns. As long as the shield is active, on an opponent's roll of 10 or less, the Wizard reflects back 33% of DMG taken rounded up (before shield mitigation).
25 Mana

Magic Missiles
10DMG +5DMG. Roll for extra damage. On a roll of 11 of higher it's +5DMG. 10 or lower is +3DMG
30 Mana

Essence Drain
Remove 15 Resource from the enemy. On a roll 17 or higher, do 10DMG and heal 5HP.
20 Mana

15DMG. Remove 33% Defense rounded up, from the opponent. On a roll of 17 or higher remove 50% Defense. Lasts 2 turns.
35 Mana

Realm of Elements
Petrify yourself for a turn, stunning yourself but receiving 50% less damage for 1 turn. The enemy gets a roll reduction of -5 in their next action.
25DMG + 10DMG Dot effect on the next turn.
55 Mana
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Oct 1, 2016
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Addendum (as per response from [MENTION=40622]PapaRussia[/MENTION]):
  • Skill effects can chain e.g stun-locking opponent from attacking.
  • Skill effects stack e.g. if opponent is affected by more than one debuff in a round, the debuff amounts are added together.
  • Debuffs cannot reduce a value below 0

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