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Mar 2, 2015
[RealZae {K.I.L.}]
Hey, where Elwynn at?
I'm tryin' to hammer that your glammer got raiders, roleplayers, et cetera havin' a damn attack
And its that bam and back that's standing fat with your rack
Let's get candid act like your dancin' at, while mashin the sack
Or pretend your Starcraft's Nova while I film and flip it over
Get me closer to sticky soaking Elves if the poker
This is Goldshire
Where we kiss the chocha
And if she know to get below the big Stealthed Rogue lick these warriors strictly vulgar

(Look at her go) Watchin' you on the table
(Like at a show) Actin like you all stable
(Incredible) Far from nasty and sleezy
(You're not a ho) Best believe me

Something you said made me wanna jump on the bed
Dumpin' my gear while you emote spread legs dead on my game cam
This ain't a red scam just wanna bust head jams
She emoted ram me and play it man and I said DWAMM

(Goldshire - ooo)
(Don't make you no ho - ooo)
(We can do it on our alts - ooo)
(No one has to know - ooo)

Oh Oh let's go to Pornshire
You can emote me, I'll eat ya up 'til you perspire
Don't be shy, that's a no no
Me on you picture that like a photo

Back it up like you pressin' S
Ass like another resto
Bouncing up with the space bar down
I wanna see you slash dance like the trolls
I'mma lay back and let you type all the posts
'Til you reach your spam limit and spit
Emote out all your wet dreams
Elfie juice dripping just like PET milk
We on that (Shammy and Shadow Priest)
We higher than purplez
She can't get enough
She blowin me like a bugle
I'm fixxin' to burst
Just like the damage in the Arena
She sent out a party invite and blew me like an Ocarina
If that ain't pornshire
I don't know what pornshire is
Draenei booty dances, Demon Hunter tatted and pierced pussy lips
Elven plastic, undead infections
Humans are just big hips on my erection
I don't spend gold on Belfs, Belfs spend gold on me
Like to make 'em buy me purplez
By using my chat piece
I tell 'em I ain't got no raid gear
I ain't got no paper
You heard what LFR said
I ain't no captive raider
Rogue boss mackin'
Hustlin' is my habit
I don't play no games
I beat the Drae girl's tail out the frame

Biotch! Biotch!


Shammy does Draenei
X does Shammy
Baby are you ready
This ERP is getting heavy
Dippin' like a melee
Hold it real steady
Double up
Bring in Goldshire Betty
Now we got Cooldowns poppin low
Hit then I stopcast and go
Stream it record it
In high definition though
I got my polearm by your ear
Do you hear what I hear
Oh brother
No other
I will fuck yo healer
And that's truthfully
See that's how Anguish will be
See cause usually
Booty free, duty free it's all the same
Elves have no name or no face
Some love the way they taste
And I know that
See elfie wanna blow that
I take her to the damage booth
And let her do a DPS check
X make her ancient pussy rekt
I'll make Night elf dykes like orc dick
Right bitch?
It took a minute just to write this


Oh Oh let's go to pornshire
You can skype me, I'll eat you up 'til you perspire
Don't be shy that's a no no


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