Path of Exile opens its eyes to 'The Awakening' on July 10 (1 Viewer)

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Apr 29, 2013
After a lengthy closed beta period, Grinding Gear Games is ready to bring its latest expansion for Path of Exile out of the oven. The Awakening is ready for public consumption and it will release in just nine days on July 10.
The Awakening is the official Act IV to the Path of Exile story, which will see players try and prevent the all-powerful Beast from waking up and causing a new cataclysm across Wraeclast. The expansion will open up new areas, introduce new monsters, include six boss fights, five new skills, 13 end-game maps, two challenge leagues, and an entirely new final boss that will fight players across multiple phases. Sockets and Jewels are also being introduced to help craft whole new passive skills that affect portions of the user's skill tree.
Remember from our preview back in April that The Awakening expansion will also overhaul Path of Exile from the ground-up, streamlining the whole experience for new players, as well. For more on The Awakening, check out the full trailer below. As with everything else Path of Exile, the expansion will be free for all users.


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