Path of Exile addresses recent connectivity troubles and outlines fixes (1 Viewer)

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Apr 29, 2013
Path of Exile has been having some trouble since making the jump to The Awakening a few weeks ago. Players jumping into servers at peak hours may have found themselves booted. Developer Grinding Gear Games says that this and other disconnectoin issues are being stamped out.
"Database server upgrades yesterday have finally fixed a problem where players were getting dropped at peak times," lead developer Chris Wilson said on the Path of Exile forums (via MassivelyOP). "The changes late last week helped, but now no one is getting disconnected at all due to database load. We are working hard on a fix to people being disconnected from maps when there are too many entity updates. This will be deployed as soon as it is ready."
In addition to addressing any further connectivity issues, a small balance patch is set to deploy in the coming days. It will reduce the difficulty at the end of Act Four Normal, while also upping the drop rate of Warband members and offering balance tweaks for the Tempest. Loading spikes when players appear next to your character will also be addressed.


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