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Oct 24, 2013
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Please post all patch noted in this thread!

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7/10/2015 Patch Notes

[ MISC ]

� Fixed smoke rendering exploits that were possible when running certain video capture applications.
� Fixed rare issues when equipping the same loadout item for both teams.
� Fixed an issue where the list of tournament matches would not refresh.
� Added official game servers cluster in Atlanta.


� Added new carpet footstep sounds.
� Tweaked sounds of suits when running to synchronize with footsteps.

[ MAPS ]

�Made first train event predictable, train will start 10 seconds after Ts leave their spawn tunnel
�Implemented area sound for train, can now use sound reliably throughout B site to hide grenade sounds, footsteps etc.
�Fixed a see-through texture near Bombsite A towards upper park
-Dust II
�Fixed 30 exotic spots where C4 could get stuck
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Oct 24, 2013
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6/30/15 Patch Notes

– Footsteps are quieter when spectating in-eye.
– New Overwatch kill notification sound.
– Fixed a case where clicking on an Overwatch verdict also clicked on the blog post.
– Disabled old code that allowed subtle auto aiming with controllers.
– Performance optimizations for players with large inventories.
– Fixed some exploits that allowed unauthorized code execution.
– Added the player_hurt event to GOTV demos.
– Added flavor text to the Baggage and Cobblestone Collections.[/audio]


Feb 8, 2014
Release Notes for 10/20/2015

20 Oct 2015

[DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015]
– Team stickers and stickers autographed by professional CS:GO players are now available for purchase.
For details visit: CS:GO - Cluj-Napoca 2015 - Pick'Em Challenge
– Tournament stickers can be used as game pieces in the two Cluj-Napoca Tournament games:
— Fantasy Team Game: Compete against the global CS:GO community to win a Fantasy Trophy by building your dream CS:GO roster and achieving one of the top scores in the all new Fantasy Team Game.
— Pick’Em Challenge: Earn a Pick’Em Trophy by choosing the winning teams for each match throughout the Tournament. The more correct choices, the better the trophy!

– Fixed some exotic spots where C4 could get stuck (Thanks amitkilo!)
– Moved palmtree behind ticketbox slightly, to make CTs easier to see.

– Fixed a spot where C4 could get stuck on A site
– Fixed an unintended boost in A site


Feb 8, 2014
Release Notes for 10/23/2015
23 OCT 2015 -

–Fixed a 3 man boost in back of bombsite A, towards bombsite B
–Red toolcart in connector will no longer kill you

– Increased max command line limit on Linux.
– Added support for running two GOTV masters with different rates on the same game server.
— To activate the second GOTV master game server can launch with the following additional parameters: -addhltv1 +tv_enable1 1 +tv_snapshotrate1 128
— To issue commands to a specific GOTV instance use “-instance 0″ or “-instance 1″: tv_record mygotv128tick.dem -instance 1


Oct 28, 2015
Release Notes for 11/10/2015
10 NOV 2015 -

– Increased fidelity and weight of jump land sound.
– Landing sounds now play an additional sound depending on the surface.
– 3rd person footsteps are now slightly louder in relation to weapon sounds for increased positional clarity. (Further volume compression may be possible by enabling “sound normalization,” “volume equalization,” or a similar setting in your audio playback device properties)
– New surface footstep sounds to reduce repetition and phasing as well as increasing listenability and positional clarity.
— Concrete
— Wood
— Rubber
— Snow
— Glass
— Grass
— Mud
— Dirt
— Solid Metal
— Metal Grate
— Metal Chainlink
– Fixed a bug where give_ammo sound was playing for every shotgun shell insertion animation.
– Minor volume mix adjustments
– (Note: For players using virtual surround sound, please be sure to set the audio settings in CSGO to 5.1 speakers.)
– Awp now always un-zooms during reload animation
– Misc player animation CPU performance optimizations
– Overview icons can now be scaled with the convar mapoverview_icon_scale
– Game now requires Steam Client to be updated as of Oct 14 2015 or later.
– Added native support for the Steam Controller
– Added concommand sv_setsteamaccount to specify Game Server Login Token. To create a GSLT go to
Steam Community :: Steam Game Server Account Management


Oct 28, 2015
9 DEC 2015 -

– Fixed exploits with the R8 Revolver, including being able to fire during freezetime or defusal, and the ability to hold the primary hammer back indefinitely.
– Fixed a disappearing smoke exploit.
– Fixed a timeouts-related exploit.
– Fixed competitive UI flickering at the end of rounds.
– Fixed a regression in logaddress_add to allow DNS hostname resolve.
– Fixed a rare game server crash after replay.
– R8 Revolver now correctly shows up in weapon_fire events.
– Added map mode to game stats integration.

8 DEC 2015 -

– Slight adjustments to Holiday Cheer.
– Gifts are now available for purchase. Gift leaderboards will be displayed until January 15th.
– Added the Revolver Case.
– Added several new community sticker capsules, currently available as offers.
– Added Service Medals for 2016. Players achieving Global General rank after December 31st will receive the new year’s medal.
– Added a new secondary weapon, the R8 Revolver, which occupies the Desert Eagle loadout slot.
– In Competitive Matchmaking times are now 1:55 and 0:40 for round and C4, respectively. These are also the new times for CSGO Major Championships.
– Adjusted recovery time on the AK47, M4A4, and M4A1-S assault rifles to reduce the range at which spraying is preferable to tapping/bursting.
– Increased move inaccuracy on pistols: Elites, Fiveseven, Glock, P2000, P250, Tec9, USP, CZ75a.
– Added team timeouts to Competitive Matchmaking, which can be called with a vote. Default is 60 seconds, set by mp_team_timeout_time.
– Added new Killer Replay to Casual and Demolition modes. GOTV must be active on the server to enable the feature.
– Menu option Help/Options->Game Settings->Automatic Killer Replay will turn replay off.
– Several convars are available to customize the Killer Replay. Search for ‘replay’ in the console for a complete list.
– Game servers and GOTV relays not logged in to a persistent game server account with a Game Server Login Token (GSLT) will only allow clients to connect from the same LAN.
– Community servers can now be only connected by their real public IP or their internal RFC1918 address.
– To create a GSLT, visit the GSLT creation utility here: Steam Community :: Steam Game Server Account Management
– Each GSLT is restricted for use on one dedicated server instance only, and should be passed on command line with +sv_setsteamaccount THISGSLTHERE -net_port_try 1
– Added an option to report servers for misrepresenting players’ inventory and/or rank.
– Game servers will now display their SteamID to an operator’s status request in the server console.
– Game servers with GOTV enabled and GOTV relays that need to support external clients connecting on GOTV port must set tv_advertise_watchable 1
– Users’ options are now stored independently in a Steam account-local data folder and can be different across Steam accounts on the same machine.
– Administrators setting up tournament Active Directory logons with Roaming Profiles can create a directory inside the user’s roaming profile storage and expose that location to the game by setting an environment variable USRLOCALCSGO=%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\csgo
– Video options for shadow quality, model/texture detail, effect detail, shader detail, and texture filtering mode can now be autodetected at startup to adjust for multitasking with other background applications. These video options can also be permanently set by the user to remain the same regardless of other background applications detected during game launch.
– Minor sound mix tweaks. First person footsteps slightly quieter, third person footstep volume remains unchanged.
– Highlights and Lowlights now transition smoothly between clips.
– Lowlights will now identify the target using the same visual indicator as the Killer Replay.
– Fixed some surfaces playing the wrong footstep sounds in Mirage, Overpass and Train.
– Fixed a DM spawnpoint in de_dust where the player would get stuck.
– Made toggle crouch work
– Fixed several bugs
– CS:GO’s game state can be relayed remotely, allowing third parties to integrate their services with the game. For example, game state integration was used at the CS:GO Major Championship at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca to present special stage effects (e.g., lighting and pyrotechnics) during a match.
– For details on how to set up your service to use game state integration, visit the wiki page here:
– Added official servers in Hong Kong


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Jul 7, 2014
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Pre-Release Patch Notes 9/9/16

The following changes are in the “” CS:GO Beta depot.

– The first-person camera of players, spectators, and demo-viewers is no longer allowed to rise higher than their third-person head. This should prevent first-person players from being able to see from perspectives where their third-person head is not also exposed.
– When a player’s first-person camera is adjusted, bullets fired from both their client and server-side locations are also adjusted to emit from the corrected position.
– If for any reason the third-person player animation lowers a player’s head beneath the client’s first-person camera, the client’s first-person camera is lowered to stay at or under the height of their third-person head. This means that the third-person motion of the player is now represented more accurately from the first-person perspective.
– Third-person landing recovery animations are now weighted based on altitude traversed and duration in-air. Players landing from small jumps or falling from lesser heights will play more subtle landing animations.
– The anti-crouch-spam system has been changed to use degrading speed, instead of logging keypress-count. As before, the more often players crouch, the slower they will rise or lower. But this should now prevent bugs where players would instantly stand, or lose their crouch-spam penalty by moving a tiny amount. If players crouch even more, eventually they will just stay standing up.
– First-person and third-person crouch speed is now more closely related. The third-person player lowers more quickly to match the first-person representation.
– Players landing in crouch positions play a more subtle landing animation that raises their third-person head less noticeably.

– Lag compensation system will now reliably restore pose parameters responsible for animation layering which makes server-side hitboxes for lag compensated players better match client-side rendered models. (Thanks, /u/Spurks)
– Fixed a bug where player body pitch could improperly rotate the entire player entity inside lag compensation processing.



Oct 28, 2015
28 NOV 2016 -

– Introducing the Glove Case, featuring 17 community-designed weapon finishes. Unlike previous cases, the possible Special Items in the Glove Case are 24 all-new gloves. For more details click here.
– Introducing the Radicals Music Box, featuring 7 new StatTrak™ music kits from “Radicals” artists.
[Steam Group Lobbies]
– Players can now join lobbies created by members of their Steam Groups. For details, visit the Steam Group Lobby FAQ
– Added the Steam Groups tab in the Friend Lister on the Main Menu.
– By default, if you click Play With Friends and are displaying the Tag of one of your Steam Groups, your lobby will be broadcast to (and joinable by) members of that Steam Group. You can adjust your default lobby settings in the Game Settings menu.
– Looking for players from your region or who share a common interest? You can search for new Steam Groups to join, view a friends’ groups by visiting their Steam Community Profile, or create a group of your own!
– Fixed an interaction between defuse kits and water that would sometimes cause a defuse kit to be unable to be picked up.
– Fixed miscellaneous vulnerabilities (thanks GeekPwn).
– Players who get kicked from a lobby cannot rejoin for three minutes.
– Fixed a bug where some potted plants were playing incorrect collision sounds.
– Fixed a bug where some UI sounds would incorrectly spatialize immediately after player death.
Dust II
– Removed barrels outside of doors leading into B site
– Blocked visibility through some props around A site
– Fixed some spots where C4 could get stuck
– Fixed some minor graphical bugs
– Fixed ladders on train cars so they no longer move the player view when attaching
– Added more accurate collision for various models
– Blocked visibility under some trains from far angles
– Blocked grenades entering small crawlspace near popdog ladder
– Raised pipes in tunnels near Ivy
– Fixed a spot in T spawn where weapons could not be retrieved
– Fixed some spots where C4 could get stuck
– Removed that bump in T stairs. You know the one.
– Fixed some surfaces playing the wrong footstep sounds
– Some graphical tweaks
– Updated with new content and lighting
– Updated navigation mesh


Jun 14, 2016

– Reduced per-client memory use by sharing network buffers.
– Increased entities delta buffers to 192Kb to support connecting to game modes with many entities (sv_delta_entity_full_buffer_size on the server can be used to increase it up to 256Kb if needed)
– Added a better error message for clients explaining the too many entities on the server error.
– Added more functionality for community log address integration.
– Log address can now be sent an 18-character prefix before every log packet text
– logaddress_add_ex command will use a unique prefix token per instance for the added log address
– logaddress_token_secret and logaddress_add_ts allow to add prefix as a checksum of known secret string
– Added a message for “killed by the bomb” to the logs.

[ MISC ]
– Teams can now vote on team issues independently.
– Fixed sleeves interpenetrating gloves
– Spectator’s player glow values have been adjusted to make noise-making state transitions more noticeable.

[ OSX ]
– Fixed CSM boundary artifacts on Iris based Macbook pro.

[ MAPS ]
– Overpass
— Added grenade-clip to ceiling underneath Bombsite A and inside connector, to prevent molotovs spreading into areas above

– Cobblestone
— Removed support beam in drop room which blocked line of sight to drop/door

– Nuke
— Fixed see-through gap when jump-peeking from CT spawn towards Mini
— Fixed various bugs reported on

– Cache
— Fixed model fade distance on truck in CT spawn


Jun 14, 2016
- 2/16/2017

[ MISC ]
– Fixed helmet and armor icons of teammates not showing for dead players.
– Fixed several client and game server crashes.
– Fixed several missing achievement icons.
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