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Base Forum upgrade:

Rounded avatars by default

  • XF 2.1 introduces round avatars by default. They are a bit more aesthetically pleasing:

This explains the new online indicator

  • That said, some people may prefer non-round avatars and if that's the case you can use this new style property to make them square again:

Changing this value to 2px will give them the same appearance as XF 2.0.

BB code and rich text editing for profile posts and comments

  • For some communities, profile posts are an essential factor in helping your members to engage with each other. Yet the overall experience in terms of creating this content isn't quite as advanced as, say, standard forum posts. So we thought it was time to change that :)

  • Creating profile posts now allows you to use the rich text editor, full BB code (and Markdown), smilies and everything that comes with it.
  • Profile post pages can have quite a few editors on the screen at any given time. Trying to initialise all of the rich text editors on page load would be fairly intensive, so we have added a new deferred initialisation so that we only load the editor when you click on it, as demonstrated by the above two screenshots.
Here's a completed profile post with some richer formatting:

You may notice something else slightly different here too. To comment on profile posts you previously had to click a "Comment" link in the profile post action bar.

The main issue with that is if you've got a long list of comments then you would have to scroll up to tap the Comment link. As you can see above we now have a "Write a comment..." input directly below the list of comments. Clicking this, as mentioned above, loads the editor which, again, also supports rich formatting:

In case you prefer the old approach to triggering the comment input, then we still support that too. You would just enable this style property:

Better support for iPhone X/Xr/Xs displays

  • Anyone who currently has an iPhone with a "notch" or "display cut out" such as the iPhone X series will be familiar with something like this:

  • iOS automatically has a behaviour to ensure that no content is ever hidden by the notch. It essentially constrains the viewport so that the content fits within the "safe inset areas".
  • In XF 2.1 however, we've improved this slightly so that we can make use of the full width of the viewport whilst still ensuring that content is not hidden behind the notch. It looks like this!

  • This is currently confirmed to work in Safari on iOS but theoretically it should work on Android P based devices (such as the Google Pixel 3) too. If not now, then it's certainly something we will look to support in the future (it's a fairly new Chrome feature)
  • If you happen to have a Google Pixel 3 running Android P it would be great if you can let us know whether it looks similar to the XF 2.0 screenshot above or more like the XF 2.1 screenshot :)
Support and automatically process unsubscribe requests using the List-Unsubscribe header in emails

  • Most emails within XenForo are purely transactional and do not require the same treatment in terms of unsubscribing from them. But for emails sent through the "Email users" page in the Admin CP, users will only receive these if they've been opted into, and we provide an easy link in the footer of the email for opting out of them (which does not require a login and disables the "Receive news and update emails" checkbox).
  • However, most email services provide a more convenient way of being able to unsubscribe to these types of emails which, until now, we haven't exposed.
  • Clients which support this feature will display a more prominent unsubscribe link so your users don't need to go hunting for it in the email itself. Here are some examples:

The mechanism which displays the "Unsubscribe" link is the inclusion of a special header in the email called List-Unsubscribe. The value that most email clients prefer this to contain is an email address. When clicked, an email is sent to that address. There's a new option under Email options which allows you to specify the email address which the unsubscribe requests are sent to.

Show password field when logging in

  • There is nothing quite so frustrating as that feeling you get when you've typed your password and you just know you somehow hit an extra key somewhere. You know the password will fail, but you can't check the password because it's obfuscated. You just have to start again.

I'm sure I made a mistake when typing out my super secure password...

Fairly self explanatory :) In XF 2.1 you simply click the "Show" button, to reveal the password:

I knew it! Damn you, fat fingers!

Just make sure no one is watching over your shoulder

In XF 2.1 we've added the ability to re-order custom field choices very simply by using drag and drop:


  • For developers, if you wished to implement your own simple draggable lists in your own add-ons then we've made this simple to do with our new sort.js and XF.ListSorter class. For advanced use cases you may wish to use nestable.js or roll something more custom, but for simple cases as demonstrated above, it should be fairly useful.

Added Features:

RSVP for events:

  • Provides an RSVP option where members can register for an event.
  • The RSVP block is shown in the thread view above the first post.

Email Subscription / Daily Mailer: (Optional and not on by default)
  • Sends an email every day showing most popular topics.
  • An email of the most popular topics is sent to all members and guests that have subscribed to the email subscription.
New Members:
  • Allows Staff to see new members in one location

Media Sites:
  • Added TikTok. Removed old template modifications related to Instagram/Twitter resizing that are not needed anymore.
  • Updated Gfycat, The Guardian and Tumblr

  • Added 'Calendar add recurring monthly' to calendar menu.
  • Updated setup to use schema manager.
Conversation Search:
  • Now works properly in XF v2.1 and newer.
  • Fixed links when "Use full friendly URLs" is not enabled.

More Admin Related:

Change Post Author:

  • Allows changing the author of a post.
Staff Activity:

  • Shows activity of Administrative and Moderating user groups.
This add-on allows site owners to quickly see how active their staff members are.

Duplicate Account Checker:
  • Bug fixes
Admin Statistics:
  • Bug fixes
Similar Threads:
  • Fixed issue with server error logs being created in new thread creation.

And many more things!!!
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