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Apr 19, 2015
Ottawa, Canada
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Been tryin to recruit for my PVE Server Exiles Oasis. Its currently a 30 man as the map size is only about 7-8km. Its a premium server with no wipes, with zero mods, and weekend events such as gathering and xp increases mainly around holidays.

We currently have about 15 people playing actively, so there is no que, but there is a password. Discord is used for server updates, but Fever members are recommended to still use Teamspeak most of the time as it is clan chat.

Password: Diablogame

As I am the current admin. I will coordinate with Fever if their is interest in maintaining a clan on this server. I will not run the clan, I will however admin. Bans are rare. We are a mature environment just like Fever. :)

Thats about it. Last wipe was on last Friday. min wipe time is 2 months, max is 6-12 months depending on map size and server cap.


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