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Apr 29, 2013
Are the tables turnings when it comes to VR supremacy? The HTC Vive, which was the first mainstream virtual reality setup offering tracking and motion controllers, has held a comfortable lead in the VR market but Oculus Rift may officially be gaining. While HTC figures out if they want to spin VR off into its own division, Oculus has begun to tip the scales on Valve’s Steam platform.
Reported by Gamesindustry.biz, Oculus increased its PC VR market share on Steam by 8.1% in July. The data comes from a survey that Valve started taking in March 2016. The data isn’t foolproof, especially considering Oculus has its own storefront, but the increase puts Oculus at 43.8% on Steam with Vive declining 7.7% to finish at 52.3%. The Windows Mixed Reality headsets will be compatible with Steam VR when they launch in October, so expect a great deal more movement when the November survey results roll in.

The report points toward the Summer of Rift promotion that dropped the VR headset down $400 as one of the potential reasons for the shift in the market. We’ll add that the addition of the Oculus Touch and a solid collection of games has likely helped as well, bolstered by announcements for exclusive content like Marvel’s upcoming Powers United VR experience.
Oculus’ growth and the introduction of the Windows mixed reality headsets will be a boost for consumers and hopefully, lead to casual VR adoption at a large scale. There are significant investments in virtual reality entertainment already, but a significantly larger install base will lead to even greater investments from creators far and wide.


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